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Liza Persson
Attends Autodidact, passionate practice
Lives in USA


Liza Persson

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Happy Birthday, +Daniel Padilla!
Happy Birthday Daniel Padilla
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Liza Persson

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Just hanging with dad..

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Liza Persson

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There'll be an app for...

..a rap;
(not created)
by a TTS engine reading,

with its' algoritmic authenticity
and psychopathic pretense
of "feel",


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Liza Persson

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And we are constantly engaged in exchanges(often more like disseminations) of words and other branded tokens.
Yet communication appear more and more as decoupled;
from its' roots of common and communion,
and from any fruits of community and compassion
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Thank you make sharing mean what it should:-* 
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Liza Persson

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The mourning doves came back.
For the third year, and the fifth time if I recall correctly, our patio and the nest I made was chosen.
This in spite of the frequent visits to the patio for various reasons - such as to look at the parent who's turn it is to lay on the egg/s at the moment- by me and ken and now also my dad. This also in spite of my dad having to push the nest further in under the beam that holds it steady, which led to it being temporarily abandoned.

On some deep, symbolic, and very meaningful level, I feel that things are in

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Liza Persson

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I experience
and live
the difference;
being someone's child,
must not, although it may, also mean
to be that someone's kind.
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Liza Persson

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Liza Persson

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According to my mining and analysis of songs most often played by me at the gym, not much motivating to me, was released during the last decade.

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Liza Persson

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I love the fact that I saw this article right after I had gotten through the pain of finding clothes for the summer climate at the second hand store I go to rather than anywhere for that purpose.
(I combined the shopping with picking up a call from mom; correctly predicting that if two tasks are psychologically painful in some ,but in different, ways, they will each provide enough of a distraction from the other to lessen the sum total of both)
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Liza Persson

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Did you too, as I did, see yourself
in eyes too soon forever closed?
In Light and Love thus revealed,
the like of which you'd feared
you'd never see again

Until, grasping in blindness
for your likeness
you come upon the old familiar one;
and that you'd hold on and make due
with that
except now with added weight of what you known yourself to be
but cannot recollect,
nor find to be reflected anywhere?

If this we share
then know that you are not alone

We are the shadows of a day that's yet to come

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its all gone now....Eclipsed
by a lack of
what is known about the repeater
the passive
and unagressive
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I am I, Myself and Me
Information in a hologram of energy
The last in line of one evolution
to which I am the start of my own contribution
I am everything and everything is in Me
I am pure probability
of every single thing that can be
I am God and God is I- we are one and the same
I am Me Myself and I, but you can call me by my name 

I think a lot like a global patriot, and ideologically and spiritually I feel more akin to the post- and trans-structural, and my preferred chronological age identity is 33. 

(Now, I do not seek out to make defining difficult. I just do not have either the interest, need, or really the best vantage point to define myself.I am I and to be defined...)

Bragging rights
I'm still willing to stay alive, to trust, love and to hope
  • Autodidact, passionate practice
    Fitness and Body Building, 1997 - present
  • Autodidact, passionate practice
    Photography, Post-production editing, and graphic design, 2003 - present
  • University of Borås, Sweden
    Behavioral Scientist but I'm working towards a Master's in Psychology, 2004 - present
  • University of Borås
    Master of Arts, Psychology, presently enrolled, 2011 - present
  • Mid Sweden University, Sweden
    Project Management, 2006 - 2009
  • Komvux of Borås, Sweden
    Providing and supporting social, psychological, and physical functioning in palliative care and disability, 1999 - 2001
Basic Information
I enact MySelf through experienced, autodidact, and passionate, polymathism and dilettantism
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Sweden - Cyprus
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