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Liz Tufte
Works at AnimalShine
Attended Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Lives in Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Liz Tufte

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Beautiful and well put!
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Liz Tufte

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Listen to Shut it Down by krevWon #np on #SoundCloud
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Liz Tufte

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Today´s magically occurring patina overhead La Palma. #atrapanubes  
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Liz Tufte

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awww <3
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Liz Tufte

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Horseback riding in Estes Park? Heaven.
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Liz Tufte

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Brilliant! Thank you

Liz Tufte

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nubes de fuego #LaPalma   #atrapanubes  
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Liz Tufte

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I took the time over the weekend to read the entirety of the 102-page Department of Justice report on the Ferguson PD (“FPD”). I cannot recommend highly enough that you do the same. During the course of this reading, I intentionally read it with as jaundiced of an eye towards the Department of Justice as possible. I intentionally disregarded all commentary regarding what the DOJ investigators reported that they saw, and also all of their reported interviews of the citizens of Ferguson and FPD officers. I decided to say to myself, let’s assume that everything DOJ says is a lie, and also that everyone who was willing to talk to the DOJ during the course of their investigation either lied or shaded the truth. What remained astounded me.

Even if you read only the parts of the Ferguson DOJ report that come directly from the files of the FPD (which is to say, files that would be most favorable to the Department), the report paints an incredibly damning picture of the Ferguson Police Department. No conservative on earth should feel comfortable with the way the Ferguson PD has been operating for years, even according to their own documents.
Share on Facebook 1 1 SHARES It’s unfortunate, the way news is consumed and interpreted in the age of twitter. Everyone feels tremendous pressure to form an opinion quickly and state it loudly and with certainty. Once this has been done, people are highly resistant to changing their minds and they become impervious to new evidence, often dismissing out of hand outright facts just because they | Read More »
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Liz Tufte

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Lovin' this ...
Langston Hughes’ 113th Birthday #GoogleDoodle

Poetry set to jazz.
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Liz Tufte

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  #autoawesometwinkle  of a few #iphone4s  photos. Still waiting for the ones taken with the DSLR :(
#melbourne   #nye2014   #newyearseve   #australia   #tahunbaru2014  
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  • Minneapolis College of Art & Design
  • University of Minnesota
  • St. Cloud State University
Basic Information
Helping to enhance the heart connection between all species
Animal Communicator,  Reiki II Practitioner

A Member of the Plus for Peace Circle

I've Created Circles for These Subjects:
Animals / Wildlife / Nature
Social Media
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Writing, Poetry
Bragging rights
I communicate with animals
Animal Communication
Animal Communication, Graphic Design
  • AnimalShine
    Owner, present
    I provide a voice for animals so humans can understand what they're trying to tell us.
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