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New job and new baby a few months later. :)
Marissa Mayer and husband Zack Bogue are expecting a child in October.
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keep smiling always, but not toooooomuch,,hahaha
Just torpedoed the glass ceiling. :-)
I believe that's a glass ceiling I hear shattering. 
Congrats to her.  As Hilary Clinton once said, that glass ceiling has 20 million cracks in it.  
oh that's cool. new job and taking a leave right away.. another scandal @ Yahoo :)
+Christine Cavalier chill out, I was just joking. I am happy they are having a baby. I am pretty sure this is a bigger news for them than her new job.
( I live in the valley too )
+Philippe Timothee gotcha... just been losing patience lately with the rampant sexism in G+. I'd expected better for this service. I'm a bit sensitive to it today.
Congrats...God bless the beautiful angel yet to come...and you too..Me too is praying to have care :)
Good for her.

And one of the youngest CEO's or something like that and like a million year in salary plus options I think. 
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