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And occasionally, sunrise blows the sky away!

Belmont Harbor, Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL
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Once again, such a beautiful picture
stunning as ever, if I ever left this part of North Yorkshire, I think I'd come to yours!
Just beautiful!! Thank you!!
Early to bed, early to rise...makes for great shots!!
I think the tilt has added a whole new dimension to the pic ! :)
believe it...
Nice variation with the camera tilted!
Great picture.  Always a great start to a day with a view like that.
Being on the west coast, I miss the sunrise of the water. I've always preferred the sunrise as it symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh start. Thanks for sharing.
You are a lucky one! Havaing this view everyday! Thanks for sharing.
Go Chi-town! Teachers Union stay strong!!
as always.. beautiful.. Do you have a collage of the work you have done!??
Sunrise is always a sunset somewhere in the world
Small shiny clouds are making it look miraculous! Wonderful Job!
Muy bonita. Donde es? En los estado unidos?
No words to's such nice view captured in your cam awesome ;-)
It's so beautiful. What an amazing view.
It does indeed look as if the sun is about to set the sky on fire...!
And look at those clouds!! Beautiful color!!!
Absolutely stunning pic. Sunset is my favourite time of the day!
ahpap alLa

When I see the nature pic, I try to remember the creator of it. My Lord did not create this without any purpose.
...breath-taking vista...this is really feeling it.
Ty Col
Yes ... this photo blows everyone away.... nice slant to the photo.  Sun rises represent new beginnings, a new day, a new phase... thanks for sharing
Would love to wake up to something so beautiful.
Ms,Liz  That's beautiful, at 3am The sun coming up?
Wondrous.....a day of gratitude for certain.   Thanks kindly for taking the time to share your talent and the beauty of nature.
aha ‡¡‡ you tilted the camera ‡¡‡ nice pic
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Hope the rest of your day has been as awe inspiring!
Beauty is something that implants itself in your soul, its a sunset that implants itself in the core of you. But speaks volumes of who you are...... ..
ssshhh ... that breaking dawn is gonna wake the boats up! (-;
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