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Take a vacation in your mind.

Laguna Beach, CA
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Nice. I have been to that beach countless times. Laguna Beach is amazing all year.
Spent all my Summers growing up in that town.
I feel the nice breeze.. I wanna lay on this beach!!!
I know you didn't take that one, Liz. :)
Stop at Koffee Klatch - One of my favs....
Simply reminds me i need a proper holiday!
What Dean said. But still, it is better to have it to look at and dream...
Lovely view, looks almost like you are on a mission to help us share a vision of our future vacation   ;-)
See the Pageant of the Masters at the Art Festival there! We did! :-)
Doesn't have to be too much in my mind. I live just down the street. :)
Well, I haven't been to that beach, but any beach with palm trees is fine by me, even in the rain if it's tropical.
Know it well, grew up  in LA . . .
Breathtaking view Liz! Feeling the cool breeze while having lunch!! Oh, you're really playing with my emotions and your pic just set my mind on vacation mode!!
Thanks, Liz. Just what I need right now. :)
It reminds me of a remote corner of beach we visited in the Dominican Republic
Nice view! I've been there so many times! Enjoy!
OK, what is wrong with this picture?  The color blue reminds me of a cheap post card I once seen, the sand reminds me of a construction site in the 1980's, and the palm trees on the right seems too busy.  
Raining  in WPA - rather be in Calif on the beach
Very nice... I'm sitting in  Taipei City at the minute nice to see some sand and water :-)
I don't know, the last two guys that took a vacation in their mind turned out to be secret double agents and messed things up for a lot of people.
Never been to Laguna Beach.  Definitely on my to do list.  Enjoy your stay.
Nice I am planning for vacation this place will be consider
wish i could be there it looks very peaceful and quiet  
Please email your vacation experience at
Looks Great.  Reminds me that I need to go and relax.  Enjoy the trip.
I would so love to dip my toes in the water.
I've been to the seashore, not there, though :)) 
It's a really good site, I've used it before. It tells alot of information. It just needs some more stuff for the site
Good Picture I grew up there, I even remeber that beach.
How was your experience here, was it crowded?
I think i will be visiting on Labor day weekend . Just 5 hours drive from here. Great capture, Liz! 
i love the beach already, but how do i get there n be happy since am single.
This is what it took to make "What's hot"? I posted something that got 10 times the pluses and 5 times the shares and didn't make it. Something is awry here...
No windows in my office.... can I frame this and hang it up here?
Looking forward to an SD photo soon.
Paul HO
Viel mehr kredit, wunderbar fur philantropy.
I am so blessed that I live 200 meters from the beach...there is something very very special about the sea .... especially at that point where it reaches land. I love looking towards land when I am on a ferry and I love looking out from the land onto the great blue horizon. 
your a very very lucky person i would do anything to live like that :D
I would love to be on that island. IF I WAS ON ONE OF THOSE SURVIVAL SHOWS!!!!
So Nice!
But, it aint the Beach, it's the attitude when you land there!
Perfect place to beduring this weather. Go swimming, lay on the beach, do nothing.
It's definitely a beautiful beach to come to. I live only 20 minutes away, Thank Goodness, and get to drop in any time I want. :-) 
Austraila is a country surrounded my seaq ,I have travel alot around , the world ,if you  want a great holiday ,cone down under ,you won,t reget it one bit,
is that sand, or snow that somebody peed on.
(it is really yellow)
good idea. I often to to paradise, in my mind.
I need to get over there in Laguna, as I live in Orange, and hope I can once I get a break from work.
looks like a great place to be!  Thanks for sharing.
want to vacation, but too busy. 
Oh my Darling... it looks to me like you're in my neck of the woods!  Okay, go south and head on over to the Ritz Carlton... they make the BEST Ultimate Up Margarita on the rocks... xoxo
Ahhhhhh.....I want to go there and relax.  Gorgeous photo.  Thanks so much for sharing.  Hope you have a safe trip back. 
No you're whork Hart u no need to vacation evrery one a need. To vacation but u read in u mind
professional photography, great job :)
take a vacation in your mind=why i thought that was taking acid.
Ah... I can feel the air, hear the surf, taste that cool drink, feel a hand lovingly held in mine. Perfection! Thanks, Liz.
Beautiful, wish i was there right. Nice view.
sweeet. i think it must be you! wherever you go, everything looks great!
Wow what a great shot. It looks vintage. It's great. Have a wonderful trip, makes me miss home.
one of my favorite places on earth!  (Aliso beach also!)
That is one nice beach its like the one in florida right persons
beautiful and safe, and can eat with fam at the same time, they don't even know i am gone. maybe they do. any way i am having fun.
Beautiful, clear water, beach,peace and tranquility, well ive got to agree with +Deanna Elliott :) im in .
Summer and Beach are perfect match, loving the view :))
Next time you head to that island, Liz.....; can I carry your bags?
That's what vacation should look like! : )
What a peaceful, quiet spot.... I'm guessing that rock is an ideal diving spot tho  :)
What a beautiful beach!
o wow, its so amazing!!!!!!!!!
Looks wonderful, and reminds meI need  to take a proper holiday
Ty Col
I am there ... what a beautiful shot ... thanks for sharing
A holiday in my mind, mmm, that would be a TOTAL RECALL.
Liz.....That's my favorite American city............Gosh do I miss that beach........!!!  Thanks for the Pic..........!!!!!
S Lien
Wish I could be there
i need a real one !! but this is nice :)
Oh, Pretty!. But, in Vietnam theere are many beaches is more Beautiful. We have beaches: Nha Trang (belong to Khanh Hoa Province), Cat Ba (Hai Phong), Da Nang, Mui Ne(Binh Thuan Province), Vung Tau(Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province), Cua Lo(Nghe An Province), Cua Viet(Quang Tri Province), Tam Thanh (Quang Nam Province).
Oh my... Isn't it beautiful? I'd like to visit it sometime :) Thanks for the share.
it's winter here....rub it just kidding, gorgeous.
My mind is my friend, anytime I ask for something at once is done. Enjoy your summer all!!! :)
That is just wonderful.  Got to take the wife that is When I get one.
Great shot thanks for sharing Liz, hope the speeches went well :-)
Nice one. The effect  looks like an old postcard. 
Simply beautiful. I'm jealous!
I'm right there with you Liz! Awesome! Enjoy your vacation :)
Wow I thought it looked like the Caribbean island Of Antigua that I've been too simply gorgeous looks like a postcard picture
Ah a place to marvel on... or of. :)
Thanks for sharing Liz.
You just seem to find beauty wherever you go!
Hope you are enjoying your holiday.
Love Laguna Beach - my daughter was married there.  Sure do miss California when I see pics like this :)
Every one like it Its Beautiful!!!!  
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