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Good morning, Google+! Belmont Harbor, Lake Michigan, Chicago 
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Good moorning+Liz Strauss and Belmont Harbor!!....Fantatstic photo!!
Sorry Liz!!my phone seems to be doing doubles!haha
Good morning Liz beautiful picture Ty :-)
Such a Beautiful place!!+Liz Strauss takes the most Beautiful photos
Mornings are such a great way to start the day !
Nice way to wake up... シ
So this is your hobby or you just an early riser?
Makes me miss my hometown and the old neighborhood.
+dan stepel I started taking the morning photos so that I would remember to look. :)
As i look through your Beautififul photos of Lake Michigans Skylines it is a window to my past where i saw many of these sunriises and sunsets on the shore of Lake Michigan in Porter co. Ind on the Beach!!!!
Always the perfect pic, love that harbor.
Have a beautiful sunrise every morning, Liz!
Love these "morning person" pics!
Ty Col
Great photo... watching the track of all these photos through the seasons... Thanks for sharing
Great Pic - Golden Michigan Morning.
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