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Can we really make rules to live by? We need the right navigational skills, knowledge, and tools true enough, but making rules for life ...

Isn't that like making definitive rules about how to paddle the rapids or drive the back roads?  Don't we have to let the conditions of the rapids and the roads figure in on our choices?

Now, I'm not saying it's not a good idea to have a few "rules of the road" to guide us. I'm saying we could do a lot fewer of them ...
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I think you're right about having fewer rules. Know who you are, what you want, how you're going to get it, and respect the universal laws of consequences in everything that you do.
Simple and practical - thanks for sharing this.
Ty Col
Interesting ...thanks for sharing
my favorite part of the post "Be open to the opportunity that serendipity serves up."   the more open we are the more serendipity is recognized.. Thanks Liz
"Remember old things that you thought you’d forgotten, especially what made you laugh when you were young"—Found myself doing this yesterday, realizing how blessed I've been through the years.  Sometime looking back gives us the courage to move forward =-=
"Don't we have to let the conditions of the rapids and the roads figure in on our choices?"
The river and its rapids are a natural feature and successfully navigating them requires respecting the force of nature. Roads on the other hand are man-made conveyances created to circumvent nature, and their use and rules of use are most often contrary to nature.
I can see this appealing to certain personality types.  Glad I don't have any of those disorders.
Don't you make up your own rules to happiness !
rules are really just guidelines, and can always be bent a little :-)
+Stan Wilcox Interesting that you label it a disorder. Did you always know where you were going and what you're about?
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