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Good thoughts here. 
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Yeah but why does he insist on looking like a scrungy hippie? No matter how much I fight it, I can't shake the "Up-with-people-summer-of-love" vibe, and it eats away at my respect of his content. This photo in particular primed me for a come-to-jesus-I'm-out-of-this-game post, but yet, it isn't. I find this to be the case on Chris's blog the last few years, and he and I have had words about it. I'm not trying to spew hate here, I actually believed in Chris's potential once and still do, but presentations like this disappoint me over and over. He can live his life and do his business the way he likes, but the independent social media guru time is coming to a close and I don't think the corporate masses will largely adopt a headshot like this.
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