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What would you call this photo? Belmont Harbor, Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL
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Without reading the other responses I was thinking Tranquility as well =)
As a former marina worker, I'd have to say: 'Docks'
A misty cloudy day, tells that hazy May soon will be gone away.
Nice Picture. Doesn't need a name it speaks for itself.
Goood Morning Belmont Harbor!
Beautiful start and finish point. Lovely photo, but I am drawn to the potential of taking the boats out and putting them through their paces, enjoying the lake and all that nature has to offer, that is the hidden excitement in the photo. You have a great eye that your posts show off, your keen mind is a given! 
Behind every cloud, there is sunshine
Nick Os
Fire sky at the cold harbor
God telling you to have a great day!!
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