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Have a gold and silver day!! Belmont Harbor, Lake Michigan, Chicago
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Now that is a beautiful scene to start the day!
congrats Liz, I like to share your blog posts with my followers and readers, thumbs up.
Congratulations Liz and how awesome to have such a view every morning! :)
A great EAV B-Day as well from Germany. I wish I would see this everey day.....
This is really nice. I enjoy this very much. happy EAV birthday and thanks for your great mission!
Lovely! I love your photos, Liz! ; )
nice shot, I could disappear into the pic...
Good Morning! And Happy EAversary!
Leia D
Fabulous! =)
That is a beautiful thing to wake up to every morning.
My favorite place in Chicago!!!! Wonderful view and picture!!!!!
Woot! Love to see my city represented. Belmont harbor is great, though I prefer the one behind Northerly Isle for good morning shots.
Wish the warm sun would get to Toledo, soon and thanks for sharing
Happy Birthday! What a great shot. I wish I was there to enjoy the view live.
Happy Anniversary, I learn something new every time I read one of your blogs. Keep them coming. Love this shot. Thank you for brightening my morning.
Happy Ea Birthday Liz. He is to many more.
Happy Birthday, Liz!! Thanks for posting an excellent photo!!
Sweet nd i guess Happy Birthday @ u nd have FUN
Happy EAV birthday - I was already maxed, but had to go out to buy some pie so we could share it... ;-)
it could have been more better if the sun has descended a little more
Enjoy your special day Liz, I celebrate with youas much as possible online and share your joy!
Nice marina. My in-laws live on a boat that's in a marina year-round. They're great places to be. Happy anniversary!
Very, very nice. Happy Birthday... EAV style!
congrats! Happy EAv birthday!
Congratulations Ms. Strauss.
Congratulations Liz. Happy EAv Birthday!
happy EAv birthday Liz and thanks for the picture, weather we've had over here havent seen the sun in ages :-)
Happy Eav Birthday! You are the sunset queen :)
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