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A cool new feature: drag & drop a file from your desktop into a Hangout to share it with your attendees
Accessible to all, including free STANDARD plans.
Give it a try and let us know how you like it...
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New Release Allows Easy Drag & Drop of Files Into a Business Hangout
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Liz Stevenson

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Awesome citizen science opportunity!--I'm going to register for this. You can participate at various levels, the simplest of which is playing online video games every few months to assess your brain health (how cool is that?) Also, UCSF is heading a major research program to develop therapeutic video games, which I'd love to participate in at some point. This seems like a good way to get into the loop. 

<quote> A new online project led by researchers at UC San Francisco promises to dramatically cut the time and cost of conducting clinical trials for brain diseases, while also helping scientists analyze and track the brain functions of thousands of volunteers over time.

With easy online registration, the Brain Health Registry is designed to create a ready pool of research subjects for studies on neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and many other brain ailments. About one-third of the cost of running a clinical trial comes from having to recruit patients, and many trials fail or are delayed because of it...

From Online Games to Clinical Trials
Volunteers will provide a brief personal history and take online neuropsychological tests in an online game format. The games give the Brain Health Registry scientific team a snapshot of the participant’s brain function. The data collected will help scientists study brains as they age, identify markers for diseases, develop better diagnostic tools to stop disease before it develops and increase the ready pool of pre-qualified clinical trial participants.

A select number of volunteers will be asked by researchers to do more, such as providing saliva or blood samples, or participating in clinical trials to test potential cures. Volunteers can participate as little or as much as they like. All information will be gathered in accordance with federal privacy laws under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as the highest standards of medical ethics...

The Brain Health Registry has partnered with +Lumosity, the San Francisco-based brain training and neuroscience research company. Lumosity is helping recruit members for the Brain Health Registry and has also provided a battery of online assessments as part of the brain performance tests. </quote> 
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Sacramento gamers:

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OK, now our art department needs to get in on 3D printing. This is SO DANG COOL.

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Liz Stevenson

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$1776 worth of software for $20. Still not worth it if you won't use them, but if you will use just one, it's worth it.
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Oooh, better than Camtasia is an endorsement I like to hear. Will give it a go. We've been renovating, so not much time for exploration lately.
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In grad school, 2 of my 3 profs referred to each other—and had us refer to them—by their first names, in class. But in correspondence, they seemed to prefer more formal titles. I would advise undergrads to simply use the more formal terms until they get that "call me Robert" in writing!
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Owning your behaviour is so important.
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What is personally interesting to me in looking at the graph is that my childhood memory of the winters (in the 60's) being much colder, is true. Even if you control for the general upward trend in temperature.

I find that oddly comforting. Not that the climate is changing, but that my memory is true. Huh.
Every day temperatures are constantly recorded around the world. The Global Historical Climatology Network created an interactive look at the U.S. Daily temperature anomalies from 1964-2013. Check it out at:

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"Mobility: An 'institution-free' platform allows both educators and students to own their courses. For educators, it means the ability to take courses wherever they teach (say, Slovenia, for example). For students, it means they don’t lose access to their course materials when they graduate and no longer have their institution ID and password." (emphasis added)

However, without looking at it, I have no way of knowing whether educators would be able to control their content as much as they like. And our legal dept. would freak. I think. There isn't much to go on as far as what this looks like and how it would fare with FERPA.

I can't seem to find the person who posted this first. Thanks, whoever you are.
Jay Ebben shares the story behind JustLurn, a new institution-free LMS created by a team of educators to solve three issues with classic LMSs.
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Very cool, but yes big hurdles getting schools to participate. 
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"Chilling" doesn't begin to describe this scenario. This is education??

And check the cognitive dissonance in this paragraph:

Gregory Feist, associate professor of psychology, said in an email that he used ProctorU while teaching a combined SJSU and Udacity course.

"It's really the only way you can give exams on an online class," Feist said. "Although Dr. Heiden in our department taught an online course and didn't proctor exams and says that the performance was essentially the same as (face-to-face) classes."

So why is in necessary to use an invasive procedure to identify cheating when it clearly doesn't affect learning outcomes?

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Some online courses require a proctoring service that watches students take tests through their computer's webcam, privacy concerns have arisen.
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I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that ...OK, no, this is just ignorant. All of the people involved need to actually look outside their own information bubble and get a grip. There is a mind-boggling wealth of information—not to mention pedagogy that is not even all that new—that is out there for anyone to see, to contradict this insanity.
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Big pet peeve is people who post reviews about a place that are negative only because their expectations are outrageous. I can't understand why someone would write a review of a THRIFT Store complaining that the clothes have been worn. Sweetie, you need to be shopping at a different store. One that sells NEW clothes. There, I fixed it for you. I like the big selection. No, the service is not like at a salon. Again, hello, this is a thrift store. Get a grip. This is a fun place with something for everyone. You have to look through a lot of clothes. Fun for a social shopping experience.
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If you have a choice, avoid the I street post office and go either here or Alhambra. Friendly service, but crowded at times.
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Cheapest gas in town, sometimes too busy to get a spot. Go off-peak. Ditto what the others said.
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