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Never have I been happier for a man to die. It's a small mercy in these difficult times.

Dearly Departed -

We are gathered here today to jeer at the loss of life that was Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes was a sentient deboned Turkey filled with cottage cheese and Spanish fly. He brought us propaganda, the likes we hadn't seen since the 1940s. Legend has it he was born of an asexual serial rapist and Goebells in the Nazi boot closet during the Nuremberg Trials.  

Roger Ailes was a gentle man, working for the Nixon administration polishing off Nixon's balls with turtle wax so that they could slide naked in the bowling alley while watching The Sound of Music. Many people don't know this about Roger, but he collected bimbos and prostitute maintenance parts such as severed legs and fingers. He gave us great hits in his career like Now That's What I Call Sexual Harassment Vol 1-9, Make It Rain; Settlement money Remix ft Bill-O, and my favorite Sean Hannity's high pitch whiney voice ASMR

He leaves behind a legacy of sexual harassing racist white men (which he birthed and breast fed up until his passing), sixteen sexual harassment cases, 15 pairs of legs scattered through television, a divided nation, a neglected dog, and his long time life partner Bill O'Reilly. He passed away doing what he loved which was jerking off in Golden Corral using a concoction of vanilla ice cream, ranch, and gravy as lube. His last wishes were to have his skin rolled up and shoved into Megyn Kelly one last time.

If you listen close enough on this warm spring day, you can hear a thousand women giggling in the breeze.

Good Night, you sack of shit.

#Hoodbiturary #hoodbituaries

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Smartass survey response, very diverse lineage, or most meta answer ever?

Lost my phone. In the process of resetting all my passwords, some apps have locked me out. So you won't see me on Twitter or pretty much anywhere for several days.

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"Middle class white ladies will buy anything that makes them feel like they don't have to do anything but spend money to make the world better. How can we cash in on that?"

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I should have read this book last year, but I've been crazy busy. I had no idea how good it was. I can't over-hype it. READ IT NOW.

I haven't finished yet, but I know I'm going to need some conversations about online learning with respect to this pedagogy. #forwhitefolkswhoteachinthehood #christopheremdin #pedagogy #thankyouforyourservice
+Laura Gibbs +George Station +Stuckin D'South, please tag others. +Christopher Emdin +Chris Emdin

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I think +Laura Gibbs would like this.

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Do you love +MindShift? Take their survey and tell them how they could make it even better.

In my evaluation, one of my committee said I was always so aware of what the current trends are. My dean asked how I stay on top of stuff. You guys got all the credit. #PLNfortheWIN.

A white instructor, in a meeting I was invited to yesterday, talked about a serious failure on her part to engage with her African American students. I don't know that she actually wanted to change, and as I wasn't a regular committee member, I didn't offer advice, though I do have some ideas.

I'd like to ask what you would do in this situation. I might be teaching more classes in the fall, and I will also be in a position to talk to instructors about constructive ways to integrate equity (via digital literacy in my case, but it's all intertwined).

These 5 students talk loudly with each other and disrupt the class. You want them to be engaged in the class. What do you do?

Facebook apparently has a new feature that is hideously annoying: notifications that can't be turned off, that pop up while you're doing something else. I haven't seen it yet.

It may get me off Facebook forever.
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