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Help solve a debate between my husband and i

When you hear the word pitcher you initially think of

a) somebody who throws a ball in a sports game
b) a container for drink
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A (probably because I was a pitcher at one time)
when i HEAR it, i think image/photo. when i read it, beer
Would not mind knowing what country you are from - i wonder if americans say b more than others
c...full of beer on ball game pitcher...
B but I have a lot more to do with beverages than baseball.
ok, so if it was Beer related, its a Pitcher, if it was water related is it different?
I mean do you go to a restaurant and ask for a Pitcher of water?
I usually think of a baseball player unless there's compelling context to make me think of the container for a drink. In either case, I'll start looking for a pun.
I'd ask for a carafe or a jug, I don't think the use of the word pitcher is very common down under.
But I'm not even from an English-speaking country, so...
I'd have to say A. Although the choice c mentioned above as in someone pitching an idea is a close second. The container is a distant third for me. 
I'm and Aussie but a pitcher plays baseball to me. Water or beer might come in a jug.
If its water, I would say carafe. For beer, I might say pitcher. 
+Euro Maestro that was my thought also.
+Paul Quilty thinks that its drunkards and christians will know it as pitcher due to hearing that more often :D
Surely Oz based individuals call a ball thrower a bowler, no?
I would say B (U.S.) unless from context baseball was indicated. But I drink water a lot and being in a southern state tend to think drink when pitcher is mentioned.
I suspect those who still speak the Queens English ( like me in SA) will think of a container and those that are in the US will talk of a jug instead and think of a person throwing ball.
ok no more voting, will tell you the history behind it.

Husband and I play a lot of Draw Something (Its FANTASTIC!!!), all day we sit flicking pictures back and forth.
Anyway, tonight he draws a Pitcher pouring water into a cup. I could not for the life of me figure it out, even when he said it started with P.
I was thinking Vase, carafe, and pretty much anything else.

I would have to agree with you +Liz ℚuilty My intepretation of Pitcher as the person who throws the baseball. If you wanna draw something, using that would be tons easier than a "pitcher" of water.
+Paul Quilty yes, in your context that would be the reason. :) But I don't play baseball too, it's just here we use that term more.. and, there's definitely a mix of opinions here, I saw as many As as well as Bs.,most importantly, did the person guess it correctly in this case, +Liz ℚuilty ? :)
A container for drink is the right meaning , anytime.
a) because beer comes in Jugs. That would also be an interesting question for an international audience. What comes to mind when you say the word "Jugs" ;)
I instantly think of someone from Norfolk describing an art gallery....
b - to my "excuse" I live in germany, which may explain it. I do not have any experience in watching or playing baseball, though there may be some with beer pitchers ;)
Somebody who throws a ball in a sports game.
context missing, but reading your question both spring to mind , b had a slight advantage :)
Oh Draw Something is terrible for having words that mean something completely different in just America. My American friend drew some traffic thing and I had no idea what it was.
b . was the very first thought
A, although I'm not a native English speaker and not a sports fan.
b. (I'm South African - "pitcher" for "bowler" is an Americanism, as far as I know, so outside that benighted hole the sporting usage might not be recognised)
b) because baseball is not popular in our country (assuming it's only baseball that uses pitcher as a jargon)
I probably should have asked 'What do you think a Pitcher is' rather than asking a leading question. :)

Anyway thanks for the convo :D
I think of a sports game. If your in the deep south of the U.S. (Where I live), they would think it was framed Art Work or something you take with a camera! :)
Sports for sure. Pitcher to hold drinks is more US I think, I would say 'jug' not pitcher for that. (I'm Aussie). BTW love your floss weekly podcast, best thing I heard on women in tech probably ever ;-)
Somehow, I thought of both at the same time. I think what comes to mind first depends on the context in which you are talking. Like if you interrupt someone watching a baseball game, or someone who was not long ago talking about baseball, asking them "where is the pitcher?" will probably cause them to think about the baseball pitcher.
Any American who doesn't say "A" at this time of year is clearly not a Baseball fan. Go Yankees!
From a kiwi response... B followed reallly quickly by A
Image, then beer, on it's own the word would never make me think of baseball. But I'm English don't you know...
Well since pitcher and picture can sound very similar with a Scottish accent I think of photos. It's all about context. :)
Of course tithe context would change the answer but when I heard the word without a sports out drink reference three first thing that came to mind was baseball, I'm American