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This 5 and a half year old girl loves dancing, princesses and rainbows, however she also loves cars and robots.
She recently stopped playing cars and robots, and when asked why, she said because people at school laughed at her for playing with 'boy' things

Her mum +Andrea Phillips asked
"Tell us about girls who make robots and cars and bridges. Girls who build rockets, girls who can make and build and invent -- girls who have grand adventures, but who can still go dancing, and still braid their hair, and still wear pink. Tell us about you. I know you're out there."

People have responded!

She has since posted an update at

Feel free to add your own stories or experiences to the blog post :)
My daughter Maya is five and a half years old. She's in kindergarten, and is as clever and adventu...
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I can only hope, that this girl will not give up playing with her cars and robots. Gender roles are so messed up, especially when a little girl can't continue to play with what she likes because her peers make fun of her.

The world is cruel. :/
Miss Maya, I build robots. Invent, create and play with rockets. :) You should too!
I looked after one little boy years ago and his dad hated him playing with the child's pram/ pushchairs etc.
I explained it was role play and that's what he see's you do (as in dad) also.
Finally got the message over to him
I write code for a robot and I work with women who design, code and test.

The most important thing one can learn as an engineer, scientist or artist is how to ignore those who would keep you from your dream.
My sons played with dolls and my daughters plays with electronics.
My four-year-old girl has a pink room, loves dressing up and playing princess, and LOVES chap stick (she thinks it is lipstick). She also wants to be an animal rescuer, plays with worms from our garden, goes fishing, climbs trees, and wants to be an astronaut. Maya, there is nothing wrong with playing with cars or have fun how YOU want to have fun!
Also, when I was a kid, I liked robots and the other boys made fun of me.
Being different is great! I was different whole life and I still am. Also it gives me opportunity to have real friends, who like me for who I am, not for who I should be.
With so little women in engineering we're practicaly harvesting only half of our total potential. Had there been equal number of women working in engineering and science as men, we would've been twice as technologically advanced as we are now. We are in that sense a primitive society! Let nobody take any girl's robots and cars away!
No One
She looks like my little one. Mine is a princess who helps daddy work on my cars... While my son plays video games.
+Ben Yates heh you bring back fond memories for me, i used to help dad fix cars also. I felt so important! Now im the one who fixes cars (husband is not so great)
I well remember my little princess trying to make nails go into wood at a tender age. She would place the nail on the wood, then whack it with a hammer. No penetration. Perplexed, she wandered into my shed and proceeded to rummage.
She came out dragging a huuuge mallet - WHACK!
+Vik Olliver you did not use explosives back then? or just not let them near them ? :D
Explosives only went in the sand pit at that stage.
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