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Good luck with that Olympic Committee. If nobody linked to them or talked about them, they'd find out that it might not pay to try to be so controlling.
I know you're probably going to delete Poon Tard's stupid comment, making mine look kinda out of sync but, much as I could possibly rant on things I dislike about the hopey changey guy, is this fool really stupid enough to think that US taxes are paying for the London Olympics official site and policies?

People think I am crazy but they'll see when its revealed secret Kenyans won all those running events.
You know, most server-side scripts could check the Referrer, and block visitors based on blacklists / whitelists. Stupid yes, though easily done.
+Marc Paul Rubin I wouldn't be surprised if the organisation of the games indeed has scripts to check the links, although I doubt they will block those links automatically.
I imagine them keeping a log, and just suing the hell out of organisations that try to associate themselves with the games without having paid for it.
Good point about them checking the links +Bart Kuivenhoven, rather than blocking. Suing, or at least issuing threats, for misrepresentation would be right up their alley. Of course that's a different issue from the one raised by BoingBoing. BTW an issue of missing G+ notifications has resurfaced for me on this post, so I apologize in advance if I miss comments here.
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