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Cunning Floppy Disk table (via +ThinkGeek on facebook)
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Nice touch w/ the sliding remote compartment.
Bet the dirt and crumbs get stuck in the gaps though
Someone needs to make a few nice looking magnet shaped sponges for "wiping" the table :-)
Love the aluminum slider! They should make the density/write protect notches into cup holders.
That is pretty nice. I wonder what the cost would be for one of these.
By punching a hole, you can make read-only table =)
If you flip it over, you can store twice as much inside the table.  
Brilliant..... Just brilliant. Now to covince my wife we need this. 
Mike MV
Q bacán !!!!! Dónde la venden?
This is the COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I want it!
It's much more charming than that SD-Card table!
"Scientists finally crack the 1.44mb limit on the floppy disk"
Great. I want this :)!
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