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What a neat way to see the time :D (you need to click the link)
this.start = function() { if (this.isPlaying) { return; } var date = this.getClockTime() var clock = this var shift = date.getMinutes() % this.segmentSize if (shift >= this.segmentSize/2) { shift -...
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Meh. Cheap labour. :p

I'm going to make them work all night and check them out when I wake up tomorrow morning. :D
I couldn't wait and set the clock to 9:59 to see how many it took to change to 10:00. There were about 20 working for that change :)
I feel extremely unproductive and lazy sitting here watching them as if it were in real time... O.O
Ahhhh .... work; I could watch it for hours!
the background looks to be in Berlin facing in the direction of the TV tower at Alexanderplatz, but who knows. Maybe the folks, who programmed this set it up for where the user is located and people in the UK might get Big Ben instead.
i'm gonna waste alot of time watching this today
the guys at the midnight and noon shifts must really be complaining about all the extra work they have to do.
You can tell immediately when a post makes it to the What's Hot list , the garbage posts increase exponentially
Waste of good lumber must b for his workers 2 show up on time.
the guy should caught that girl again on 10th floor , then she would definitely said 'YES'.
+Liz ℚuilty how come you use the Quiznos "Q" for your name, are you related to them, can I get a free sammich?
Yes it's cool. Do you suppose those guys get tired?
Hammer- it so fits Berlin-great city-wired and wonderful

I watched from 13:59 to 14:00 and the guys were a little slow!
Great concept, not able to keep up though. Is the server flooded with requests?
Can't see the whole code. Not going to jeopardize the security of my computer when I can't see the code.
+Tim Childers Fine, the PHP doesn't contain anything directly harmful. But I can't see the content of the flash videos. Also it seems that the data source for the videos is some machine not really suitable for many users. You guys will DDoS it eventually.
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Obviously not government workers. These guys are constantly WORKING! Very cool! Thanks for sharing.
Talk bout having time on ur hands hey guys u have a min to spare lol
+Peter Tomov then perhaps you should get off the internet ? I was able to view the code just fine, as would anyone with half a developer clue. The java script just downloads a bunch of shockwave videos , one for each hour, and then overlays the minutes separately based on script.
It's hardly going to 'hack' you, stop being so silly and paranoid
+Steve White yeah i think its the Liz Quilty effect lol - its probably made it onto reddit or something now and is overloaded :D
It works on an android phone so it should work on tabs,iPhones,androids,laptops
+Liz ℚuilty Sorry for not having "half a developer clue". I apologise for not understanding that fancy technical schnick-schnack. I've never seen any source code, I don't know any compiled or interpreted language, nor do I understand the difference between various paradigms or would even begin to grasp the principles of various algorithm complexities' calulations. And I'm most certainly not just lazy to decompile an swf file, because I most certainly have nothing better to do, since I haven't been browsing goddamn source codes for a few hours.

Have a nice day now :)
Wow - this was rather unbecoming.

+Liz ℚuilty - nice share, thanks
+Peter Tomov : you do seem a bit paranoid, although maybe justified given some history of yours. Can you two just terminate that thread?