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Some neat tricks to take out! :D
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My son is going to love this
Hehe I should do this with my daughter.
I'm going to use a few of these tricks 
One of the best pub scams I've ever seen used was when a guy announced publicly that no matter what name someone could come up with, he would bet anything they were game to bet that he knew a song that contained that persons name..
well, after much arguing they decided on some friggin weird name.. he stood on the bar and sang as loud as he could
♫Happy Birthday to you

etc etc

He won , from memory about $200
I put sneezing powder on a plane when i was 12!
They're great. If you pulled them all off in one night you could easily be granted title Amusing Asshole of the Night.
Surface density - the paperclips, that's a really neat trick!
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