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I have been building again. removed the old pitiful shop bought cat playground, and built what i call Cat Shelves :)

Each cube is 40cm squared. There are holes to go up, down, and a bit of a maze to get to the top. 

I made 3 dead end boxes for beds which have blankets in them until i get pillows (and will get a front panel) and a couple of larger double sized areas for them to play in.
The whole thing was made with 12mm hardwood ply (non-treated), and took 2.5 sheets (2400x1200mm).

Took about 2-3 hours work, and about 10 hours planning (at the least!)
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That looks like so much fun.  I'm going to tag you on a video I posted that you may be interested in for making cat beds.
I have made a few cat beds before - i have some furry fabric im going to make into bean cushion things which they love.
that is a pretty neat idea. You should look to get it IP protected and sell the idea to IKEA or a pet brand. Even get a manufacturer and sell them on amazon or ebay. People love their pets and will spend a lot on them. Very handy for people with apartments. You'd be surprised how cheaply you could get 20 of those made.
Thoughts - put a few cupboards for storing cat supplies, and a few cubes with front panels but same size holes cut in as hiding/sleeping units.
+Bling My Bike nah, my ideas are free, take them and build your own. this was cheap to make myself, about $150 total for an entire wall of cat toys :D
That's a lot of work for a furry ingrate or two 😀
Never underestimate the lure of catnip and bubble-wrap.
How are you planning to file them?  Alphabetically by author?  By title?  Or by colour?
+Paul Wayper I doubt it. That sort of activity would require a first aid station in the immediate vicinity!
+Liz Quilty, this is brilliant. It's purrr-fect for people living in flats with cats.
+Paul Wayper im letting them sort that out, so far top to bottom alphabetically, but they are changing depending on who pokes who via the holes :D

+William Robison i can post my plans if needed? its scribbles on paper :D
Brilliant. And a smoke alarm to keep them all safe!
+King Uke need to train them to push the button or wave tails near it when somebody burns toast :D
Definitely taking note of this as we'll be moving to said flat with our cats sometime this year. Thanks again for the idea, +Liz Quilty.
As impressive as this is... I would have been even more impressed with a few obstacles on the way like guillotines and poisonous spikes! Avoid the quicksand!
Liz - never under estimate the value of a good idea. You are getting lots of positive feed back. Get a few designed and made flat pack style, then post on a cat lovers fan page. BOOM extra pocket money!
+Liz Quilty that is awesome... I have three sheets of 12mm ply in the garage right now.... hmmm, the other wardrobes could wait!
You just bought one of those hole saws didn't you :-)
+Jonathan Harker newp, drilled it and used the jigsaw. I did just buy a new router and planer which were not used on this project :/ The new table saw blade was though :D
+Bling My Bike probably too costly for most. By the time you count costs of wood, work etc its gonna be $300ish NZD (plus shipping). Some parts were from old cat gymnasiums, carpet donated from brother-in-law etc etc
+Liz Quilty in the USA people would be tripping over themselves to give you cash for this at that price ... Just add some LED lights and a dash of paint ...
+Paul Budden i was loath to paint it for a couple reasons. Cats and playing may be chewing (thats why untreated), and i like the veneer on this , as well as plywood is beautiful, strong, engineered :)
indeed, i need to put a glass wall on the outside - that would stop them walking around the walls like they do from shelf to shelf :D
How can they damn well do that!!!
+Vik Olliver no idea, gaping big hole to go through, and they chose to go outside the walls (both up levels and around the side). Had to use treats to teach them to go through the holes - mostly the going up and down (down being the hardest to learn)
Tell them they must obey the laws of physics!

I think we need either an auto-awesome or short video of them exploring.. :) 
Okay okay, uploading a album with cats on cat playground (hopefully it will auto-awesome the walk around)
I have 4 Devon Rex cats. They would absolutely worship me forever if I built them this. 
I would have computers in those boxes
+David Davis we have a rack for that ... and we have them everywhere else in the house :D
Awesome idea, your great on a hammer.
+Lisa Lomas heh hammer is the least used tool now days , in fact i dont think i used it at all for this. Its all glue and screw :)
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