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What does it take to make #bacon trend?
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Easy. Just post a picture of a really cute kitten eating #bacon
If it starts raining #bacon then we will all leave G+ to go feast
I think it goes deeper than this. I have been perplexed for some time at the sheer volume of bacon related materials one can find on the web. I picture some sort of secret bacon council that conspires to make bacon such a huge part of the internet psyche.
+Enoxh Eloe nice idea, but I think Occam's Razor applies here.

Bacon is so popular because it tastes awesome with anything.
Diagnosed with #bacon deficiency, next you'll be telling me he doesn't know what a #cheezburger is.
at least 12 sandwiches with #bacon
I draw the line at bacon flavored soda and desserts but that's just me...
about 50 people posting all at once, #justinbiebler
#bacon trends when people #bacon their #bacon with #bacon topped with crisp, delicious, artery-clogging #bacon !
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