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Trance music on a guitar? Yes! Oh Yes!
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now if anyone can do that on ukulele ill post you chocolate!
I can't... but I shared your post: may I have chocolate anyway?
If this is Trance music... I'm going to have to look up more. That's great!
THANKS!!! Checking out your link, I got lost in a bunch of his incredible performances and ended up subscribing.
seen it before, but still wicked :)
+Brendan Mead it's a copy of the original upload and correctly attributed to Ewan. (Actually there's lots of copies - it seems to be a popular video) ;o)
+Joltrast . yeah that was pointed out to me after i posted it (in another thread)
I like the sound affects that the guitar has!!

P.S. Nice hat..
Amazing guitarist.
Amazing song.
Unfortunately its not trance. Wish i could remember the song name.
+Liz ℚuilty i remember this song from somewhere else. People keep saying its the mortal kombat theme but i don't think they sound the same.
test... your might. MORTAL KOMBAT
+rj hinde why repeat what other comments have already pointed out?
hehe....nicee....I like his ma country,Indonesia..that hat using for farmer....:)
sounds nice xD not a whole lot of thudding like some trance music lol
Sounds like one of those 90's game soundtrack
sounds too good to be true... mmmm. fishy..bur if it is real then thumps up!
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