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This post has gone kinda viral on a radio station here, i have ignored it up until now, but finally got around to reading it ..... this really is what crazy looks like!
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Been there done that there should be a law against txt stalking lol.
....makes me feel better about being single!
A certain amount of crazy could be good.... but that is a little over that line.
I figured it would be a couple lines and a witty comment, but it just kept coming!
This sort of thing is why it's best to actually know someone before you start to date (let alone inviting them to your house). It's best to find out whether you can live with someone's faults before getting emotionally entangled. It's also best to find out whether they're stark-raving bonkers before letting them know where you live.
I used to try getting to know someone before dating but found that they tended to just stick me in a box that does not include romance: "I'm sorry Simon, I just don't think of you that way."

When I started just going for it and hoping I got a lot more hits.
OTOH: I have this rule that I don't have sex on the first date ... and make sure I spell it out at some point. I do get the odd "well I wouldn't anyway" indignant but mostly the reaction is positive - breaks the ice - clears up the obvious question - and some women seem to see it as a challenge.

Avoids morning-after attachment anxiety like this.
It's a hoax. The people who did it have 'fessed up to it. I'll see if I can find the link.
There seem to be several versions don't there ... not found an original, several comments that it is fake but no references there either. Do post the link.
Crazy chicks are more intense in bed. Just sayin' ...
Haha... you know, that's what google voice is for. throw a gvoice # at them, if it gets crazy, just change the # in 10 seconds :3
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