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What i look like at 4:30am :)
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I think I saw you running around this morning! :)
Watching it now, not sure the camera i used was overly flattering (my better one would not work so it was too bright).
Could not look at the camera and talk to it, and why was i swinging back and forth on the chair? I think i will learn from these things :)
Did not help that skype decided not to work mere hours before it started
Great interview. I have trouble looking at the camera while talking also.
Great episode of +FLOSS Weekly , great to hear you (listened), now you've got me wanting to go back and watch it also.
I'm listening to the audio podcast now. Great to put a voice to the name :)
Nice Job! Good to hear your point of view. I miss Cambridge. Enjoyed your deviantart pages.
Finally got around to listening to this and found myself yelling at the car stereo "so what was it like meeting people you'd spoken to online?" "DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY" was my loudly yelled response :) I think you were telling a slightly sanitized version of history tho ;p
+Mark Derricutt well yes, there was a few IRC parties that should not be mentioned cough*sandringham*cough
cough wait... I lived in sandringham..... oh - not THAT party, of course - that one shouldn't be mentioned either.
I was just recalling a particularly epic one, but yes there were most definitely 'others'.
Nice listening to you and a change of routine for FW. Now I'll go watch how you look at 4:30 :)
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