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Wow, i was actually surprised at some of these. More to the point, i was surprised some of these people went into acting/porn/modelling/whatever despite being so well educated and smart.
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Actually these don't surprise me in the slightest. It takes a certain level of smarts of act and succeed in any sort of business. Don't discount the brains just cuz they're pretty!
funny that Kim Kardashian is running for mayor and none of those other people are.
Smart don't pay like movies do.
I'm fully in favour of celebrating intelligence, but I found the write-ups to be a bit underwhelming. Look! Brain cred! but then we get nothing to follow up with.
I have a man crush on Dolph Lundgren.
Shakira was surprising - given her embarrassing songs (lyrically) it appeared she was exploited by songwriters for her lack of understanding of the words they made her sing, but it looks like she probably knows exactly what she is doing.
Its all about having fun and making money I think
Also - Brian May from Queen - a published Astrophysics Professor (I believe he actually works as a professor as well), as if being an astro prof wasn't awesome and intimidating enough - writing Bohemian Rhapsody and playing the guitar solo on We Will Rock you will satisfy.
It's still easier for a woman to make it in this world using sex-appeal than brains. A lot of young women recognise this and ditch any intellectual aspirations for more apparent security. I would judge our society, rather than young girls for this. In the US in particular you do NOT want to end up at the economic bottom end.

I've been a part of honors programs and I've helped with programs for socialising gifted children. The question repeatedly asked was, what happens to all the gifted girls after they leave secondary? Far too many just disappear into the mainstream.
An overwhelming passion for acting, modelling or any other creative pursuit doesn't care whether your IQ is 80 or 180. If that's what they love and they can make themselves a good, happy life from it, then they should go for it.
I still maintain, to actually succeed and have a lasting career, you have to have brains to go with it. I'm not movie star looks, but I'm attractive and have a gifted IQ so I've been in that boat where people think just because I'm pretty I don't have a brain or know how to use it.
I think that smart (and not as smart) people should follow their passions - may it be acting or law or science or writing....
I got one gripe with this list - Tyra Banks. How does completing a two week course get you on that list! Specially if you're gonna take a year to complete it!
Also, if you've got brains people EXPECT you to go into STEM or law or business. I'm arts and creativity crazy: high, low, mainstream,'s all glorious. I love OSS because of all the joyous creativity. I have tried to do "sensible" work and I just start coming to pieces after awhile. But not having money is a problem too. Balance.
As if being a brainiac and a rock star wasn't enough, Dexter Holland also has his pilots license, is a flight instructor, owns a couple planes, and has flown solo around the world.
+Brad Clarke which brings to mind Bruce Dickinson from iron Maiden who is also similar and owns/flies their own band plane :D
That's right, I forgot about Bruce. Flight 666 anyone? :)
Danica McKellar - Degree in Mathematics & an Erdos number of 4!
Hedy Lamarr - Patent on Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum.
Nagesh Kukunoor - Indian filmmaker with a degree in Chemical Engineering (these celebs do favor chemistry don't they)
Well, IQ doesn't define what makes you tick.
As far as the Chemistry/Chem Eng. goes, it's a highly spatial field of study, a very strong trait in creativity and artistic fields as well.
Dudley Moore - Composer/Pianist
Martin Mull - MFA-Painting
Dennis Hopper - Painter
One of my favs is Hedy Lamarr, a famously beautiful actress who invented (co-invented with a composer, actually) several early techniques in wireless communication (spread spectrum and frequency hopping) that are critical to WiFi and cell phones even today.

If you're a gamer you might recognize the name from a tribute in a certain Valve title. :-)

While a couple specific ones were surprising, it doesn't surprise me in principle to find really smart folks in all sorts of fields - smart, capable people have the luxury of doing whatever they find they love.
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