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more #bacon goodness :D
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+Mélissa Theuriau look for smoked paprika, it has a similar flavour. Handy to add to things like pizza, or other things :)
never understood bacon obsession. And I know how it taste.
+Hanna Pietikäinen a good bacon and bad bacon are fairly different. I think its the good bacon that makes it awesome, smoky and greasy :) This is why smoked paprika is similar, its the smoked flavour
Rich G.
Mmm... Penzey's smoked spanish paprika is tasty.
Ho Liu
I understand the bacon thang, but I do think it's a little unfair on Jews.
Ho Liu
+Charles Griswold from Wikipedia -
Turkey bacon is fake bacon usually prepared from smoked, chopped and reformed turkey and commonly marketed as a low-fat alternative to traditional bacon.

I'm not sure that is actually a win.

We might as well go for Fakeon

from Urban Dictionary -

Slang for fake bacon. It is usually made of soy protein. A favorite of vegetarians and those who are watching their weight or cholesterol.

This too isn't a win.
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