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I had never noticed this before, but now i will have to look for more! (both excellent programs!)
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I enjoy both as well. Great images!
Every Dr. Who had their own qualities including the one that looked like he should have been one of the three Stooges
Liz has be in circles already, but WOW. I'm the Queen?

+Steve Elsass you have clearly not met my daughter, shes where i get all my good stuff from., Im only a mediocre fan in comparison! (and i have Jenn in my circles already)
We are right now watching Phineas and Ferb and arguing whether Fezzes or Bowties are cooler.
Both fez and bowties are cool!
See, I think any hat will do, as far as Eleven is concerned. Abby thinks he should get a fedora (like Perry's).

The only one we've seen so far that River didn't object to is the top hat he wears when he gets all dressed up
Stetsons are the coolest of all! I can't wait for series 7 when The Doctor visits the Old West for the 2nd time. You all definitely should catch the First Doctor in "The Gunslingers" some time.
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