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Liz Quilty

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This is what girls often have to put up with, it's pretty bad that it happens, but worse when even professionals blame the girls for wearing normal pool attire
Trigger warning: Sexual abuse
Please take some time to read this. On 19/4, a water park in Hanoi, Vietnam called ‘Ho Tay’ opened for free admission from 8AM-10AM (GMT+7). The chaos was terrifying, when the staff decided to close...
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Clothes are for warmth, silly person who bought his psychology degree.
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Liz Quilty

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When your kids are this awesome!
The chocolate brownie I had made 😂 it was really chocolatey 
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Well, it was one huge brownie baked, then cut into 3 pieces (3 kids). It was even too much for the kids to finish, they had to save some for the next days :D
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Liz Quilty

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Mercî et Je vs adore
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Liz Quilty

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This is a worthy read for everyone. - its all about equality, and removing stereotypes that suck
When was the last time you saw a positive media portrayal of a man expressing emotions? Here's another way.
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Read it, and that's pretty much what I was expecting it to say.

Relevant song is relevant:
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Liz Quilty

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wow, this is a thing of beauty!
Simple sleeve to protect a Raspberry Pi B+ from falling screws. The main part of the case slides over the Raspberry Pi, and a cap fits around the connectors. The parts are only held in place by friction so it probably isn't a good option for transport or if you frequently plug / unplug devices (mine just sits under my printer running [Octoprint]( Only the ports along the sides are exposed. The cap part may need a smal...
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Liz Quilty

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Wow, clothing made for women, by women, not stupid sizes or designs :D:D
Micki Krimmel is raising funds for Superfit Hero - Size Inclusive High Performance Leggings on Kickstarter! Designed to make you feel supported and confident in the gym and beyond. For women sizes XS-3XL. Unleash your superpower!
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I've found the under armour stuff very good for "plus" sizes. Keeps me from jiggling around when at the gym. It is expensive though. I tend to wait till I find it discounted in places. 
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Liz Quilty

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I don't normally spam my employer (though they are fricken awesome), but i figured there were a few geeks here who may be interested in what may be a month and half or so of free VPS
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Liz Quilty

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I need some of this!
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Who said science isn't fun. 
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Liz Quilty

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I sense the rise of robotist who will stand up for equal rights of robots.
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Liz Quilty

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You completely missed my question.  There is plenty of suffering now in 21st century first world countries so the message of Jesus could still apply.  But the world has far more suffering than that - tens of thousands of starvation deaths per day, wars, natural disasters, childhood cancers, and so forth.  Good needs evil and happiness needs suffering for contrast, otherwise good and happiness are meaningless.  But they don't need anywhere near this much suffering and evil, and they still have it.  Why?    We know why - because any God that might actually exist has no special connection to Judeo-Christian religions.
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Liz Quilty

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Interesting page , show percentage of women, percentage of women in tech or CEO roles, pay difference etc
Ten startups released their numbers on pay gaps, promotions, and % of women in leadership in partnership with the new startup Doxa.
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+Ian simpson Wow. Those are some significant differences, imho.
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Liz Quilty

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This should make you laugh - omg hilarious! 
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+Liz Quilty​ She also seems to be claiming that "successful" authors should be immune from literary criticism. Oh, and she wants to censor legitimate speech because it's "nasty".
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Cambridge, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand - Auckland, New Zealand
Interested in IT, anything Tech, Linux, woodworking, cycling, arduino, gadgets
Interested in IT, Tech,Science, Atheism, woodworking/Joinery,Photography (taking it , not viewing tons of others in my stream sorry) , Music (I play Ukulele and guitar) , and generally connecting with others.
Rating :★★★★☆

From New Zealand, NOT Australia!

I prefer to talk Tech, and i mean Linux, servers, code, gadgets etc!

I do post a lot, but i try and encourage conversation rather than generic posts or telling people my toileting or eating habits for the most part.
If a thread degrades into arguments or completely off topic (in a bad way) it is not unusual for me to close comments or remove posts. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but not a right to insult others. I also lead a very busy life and have no time to moderate or tolerate crap, hence why i usually just close comments in these cases.

Some of what i post or talk about may be over the head of non tech people, it often involves Linux related things. I generally only follow tech people back also, as i see little point in following people if we have nothing in common :)

I am a qualified Personal Trainer (hobby) and know a fair amount about diet/weight loss (feel free to ask me anything).
I do Cycling as a hobby, as well as a lot of other things (body willing) like tramping, photography, etc

I am Atheist, and really don't want you praying over me or pushing your religion, You are welcome to your religion, just dont push it on me
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4 children, lost 80kg, donated a kidney to my brother, been on Prime Time News, Major National magazines, and i like to play Ukulele :D
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We don't just tell the myths, we put them to the test.

Great place to visit, but tour was rushed and we had to follow a dude (not allowed to go your own way or do many cool pics) Really over priced for what it was, but great for fans.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Great experiance. First tattoo and i was told everything i needed to know. The guy had nice tight lines, and excellent art work overall. Answered all my questions with informed answers Would highly recommend them!
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Clean friendly place to stay with great pools and views
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Excellent food and drink, great catering with polite efficient staff. My only complaint was that the food portions were fairly small, but otherwise they were cooked to perfection!
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
12 reviews
Friendly helpful store, with actual decent knowledge when asked
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
Amazing good. Fantastic service
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Friendly staff, great gear for the most part (though lacks spin bike in the main exercise area). Only wish they had longer opening hours!
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago