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"This infographic follows the radiomagnetic waves that broadcast the first show on US soil by the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964."
50 Years Ago Today: The British Invasion in Space
Where are they now?

This infographic follows the radiomagnetic waves that broadcast the first show on US soil by the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964.

The infographic immediately called to mind a fun chat I had with +Liz Krane and +Yonatan Zunger on almost precisely this topic  in Liz's obituary of the comet ISON here (, though at that time we used a broadcast of I Love Lucy for purposes of the discussion:
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hi i like very much your post
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Liz Krane

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Great post from +Bearman Cartoons. On a related note, I'm trying to engage more with G+ again now myself. I need to restore the balance between G+ and "real" life. Got any advice?
Don't Just Follow Me....ENGAGE

I am thankful for all the followers I have and try to circle back the ones who engage on my posts with comments/shares.   But, unfortunately I miss a bunch of good people that add me.    

When I add someone to my circles I let them know in a comment why I did.  At that point they can add me back or not but I like to let them know that I am out there and why I chose to follow them.  So please, let me know you are out there.

#patrickstewart   #startrek   #cartoon  
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There's thousands of us who can't reach you in real life, which should be many more people as compared to the number of those who can reach you IRL. Therefore, more G+-Liz-Krane than real-life-Liz-Krane is needed, +Liz Krane! Respect the math of it! :P
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Liz Krane

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Starting my morning with tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

(I also added some hot chocolate to it and I have to say... it's yummmmmm! You should try it!)
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Coffee is my poison, black coffee or if I'm in hurry nescafe. But from time to time I order DoubleDutch coffee with alcohol in it and Mocha Coffee and Irish coffee. I would drink them all the time but problem is that I dont have machines needed for making them properly.
They are best browed from instant coffee, Mocha I have made few times but for Double Dutch I dont even know a recipe I only know it taste great. And Irish coffee is great when you need a little kick in it :)
I'm considering buying a good coffee machine which would replace my instant coffee maker and make making this drinks easier.
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Liz Krane

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Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to try more new things, and I'm already off to a great start; I think I might actually have a hangover for the first time! I must have smelled too much wine. ;)

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve full of silliness and good times with friends (and responsible drinking)!

PS: Forget drunk dialing. Drunk hangouts on air with friends from Google+ is the way of the 21st century. =P
Hey everyone! I figured this is as good a way as any to start the new year! 2014 HOA! 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Scott Lewis. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
It's 2014!!
Wed, January 1, 4:09 AM
Hangouts On Air

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Happy New Year! Will you plan your adventures, or take them as they come?
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Liz Krane

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When it comes to political beliefs, studies have found that when exposing misinformed people to "corrected facts in news stories, they rarely changed their minds. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger."

-- How Facts Backfire by Joe Keohane

via this Smithsonian article by +Rose Eveleth:

When Are We Going to Stop Making Famous People Argue About Evolution?

^ That one's also a must read!

I used to think political debates were worthwhile, but now that I've been exposed to this new information... I haven't changed my mind at all. ;)

Just kidding! I've always wondered about the point of these kinds of debates. But I still find them fun to watch sometimes.

Maybe because I'm American? ;)
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I think that that man is full of jibber-jabber. I didnt watch the entire lecture, I dont have time for it but I have debate myself not so few people that believe in creationism, and i must tell you that all of them when they are put in the corner with hard facts and reason try to make up all different stories and to sweeten their view, their fantasy view. of the world.

At the end it all depend from how smart the creationist is. If he is smart, and a bit more proud, like most of them are proud, he will be trying to evade capitulation under the evolutionists and scientific method facts. And in that case they start to create many fantasy views which are directed toward those new or old evolutionary and scientific facts.
If the creationist is not smart, like most of them they are, and is proud he will start to defend his views by all means or to refuse to debate about it anymore.

Really rare situation is to get on humble and not so proud christian, who is not full of self and who only believe in creationism because he was thought so. Such man have chance to convert, I mean to change its view to evolutionary scientific standpoint.

On the other hand I like the christianity battle to create better man, man that is more humane with more humanistic views than average ppl.
Just the main problem is todays churches and their stuff and priests, they are now a bad example to youth.
I specially mean on corruption inside of churches.

Just way to create a better man is not by telling him lies or teaching him to be obeying and to obey dogma. No on contra the way to make a better man is by teaching him/her all they want to need about humanity, technology, science, philosophy and universe.
The best way to teach younglings to be better mans is to teach them by example. I'm started with that idea, like many others, well at the end I'll see how good role model I was or wasn't.
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Liz Krane

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Happy Digital Learning Day!

Here are two G+ student debates that happened today via on air hangouts:
Digital Footprint Student Debate  (
Coding Literacy Student Debate ( 

This is a good time to be a student. :)

PS: It's also World Nutella Day!
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It is a good time to be a student!
+Liz Krane 
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Liz Krane

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RIGHT NOW:  Bill Nye Debates Creationist +Ken Ham Live

The videos that sparked the debate:
Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children
Ken Ham Responds to Bill Nye "The Humanist Guy"

Why is Bill Nye even doing this in the first place? The Science Guy says, "I decided to participate in the debate because I felt it would draw attention to the importance of science education here in the United States."

"Tuesday's debate will be about whether Ham’s creation model is viable or useful for describing nature. We cannot use his model to predict the outcome of any experiment, design a tool, cure a disease or describe natural phenomena with mathematics.

These are all things that parents in the United States very much want their children to be able to do; everyone wants his or her kids to have common sense, to be able to reason clearly and to be able to succeed in the world."

NPR will be covering the debate here:
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I didn't get a chance to watch all of it. But I'm glad Bill Nye mentioned that there are many Christians who believe - but not the way Ham does. Glad my views could be represented in his opening speech. 
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Liz Krane

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Proof that I'm not crazy: +Tiffany Henry likes my Earl Grey + hot chocolate idea. :D 

Obligatory Star Trek reference: Star Trek - Picard "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" Clips
So you know how we're doing that thing where we're doing whatever our
G+ friends says to do?

I took +Liz Krane's advice and mixed my Earl Grey with some hot chocolate. I also added a bit of condensed milk to sweeten and since I like some milk with my tea occasionally and I also like it in my Hot Chocolate.

It actually tastes great! Tastes like a chocolate bergamot orange! And now I will be annoyingly slurping this in class. Thanks for the tip Liz!
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Well, I'll give it a go, as I've got some Earl Grey and on its own it tastes like soap.
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Liz Krane

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"If at first you don't succeed, that's one data point." -

Ah, resolutions. Anyone else feel like this already? lol. This year's XKCD comic is great, too:
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interesting..anyway  Happ New Year
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Liz Krane

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What were the most important developments in astronomy this year?

Live right now: a great discussion with +Tony Darnell, +Scott Lewis, +Fraser Cain, and some special guests! Share your comments and questions on the YouTube page or here:
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lady oh so I can only cheese 0
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Hiyas! I'm about 0.04% done with my goal to learn everything there is to learn. Almost there! =P

Some of my current interests (meaning you can send me links on these topics and I'd go "eeee!"):

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Math and Science  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Right now I'm particularly interested in the fundamentals of math, how the brain understands it (numerical cognition), and how I should go about relearning it and actually liking it

To sum it up: let's exchange knowledge! :) I'm here to soak up as much as I can. Mmmm knooowwledge...

I'm also here to meet interesting people and make friends. I'll circle you if you post interesting things, especially things I can learn from! I'm also much more likely to circle you if you have some information about yourself in your profile.
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