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Happy Belated Fibonacci Day! (11/23) - How to Make Fibonacci Lemonade:
"This drink may be the world’s first tastable example of the relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio!" by +Andrea Hawksley

Each layer of this lemonade is composed of varying ratios of sugar and lemon juice. "The top layer of our drink is 1 part lemon, while the second layer is 1 part sugar syrup. Following the Fibonacci rule, each subsequent layer has proportions that are the sum of the previous two layers proportions."

"Generically, for layer n > 2, there are fib(n-1) parts sugar and fib(n-2) parts lemon juice. These are adjacent Fibonacci numbers, so as the drink is consumed the ratio of lemon to sugar approximates the Golden Ratio."

The food coloring is optional, but here's the breakdown of the drink's 7 layers:

Layer 1: 1 tsp. lemon juice
Layer 2: 1 tsp. simple syrup
Layer 3: 1 tsp. lemon juice, 1 tsp. simple syrup
Layer 4: 1 tsp. lemon juice, 2 tsp. simple syrup
Layer 5: 2 tsp. lemon juice, 3 tsp. simple syrup
Layer 6: 3 tsp. lemon juice, 5 tsp. simple syrup
Layer 7: 5 tsp. lemon juice, 8 tsp. simple syrup

Read the whole recipe here:
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I,d like test it 
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #52: I spent a minute learning a bit more about how to use my camera, answered a couple questions from my internet friends, and ran out the door to attend a group photowalk! Also, this video is a good example of how not to set your camera's exposure. Oops.
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I saw the thumbnail was changed when using my laptop, but it's the original one using my cell phone. I liked the new one from this video.
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #50: I share some weird stuff from yesterday's visit to The Broad contemporary art museum and my first experiment with my camera's aperture settings. Also, wow can you believe I've done this for 50 days?! Help me make my pro/con list by suggesting reasons to keep going or reasons to quit!
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It is all drawn on an HTML5 canvas. I even made a little object oriented javascript library that dispatches the events to the right user interface elements. I quite liked it actually. Some of my other stuff has little widgets too if I thought that it was the best way to explain something. Once you make the library the first time it is a lot easier after that.
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #49: A couple new developments that are making me scared/excited! And I spent a few minutes reading about ISO and how to make the background more or less blurry (changing the depth of field) by adjusting the aperture on my camera.
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+Troy Davidson
I would actually agree with you on that. Because logic is not not something that is constrained to just one sex. I never really liked that argument, I really like the way you put as it makes a lot more sense and is less sexist.
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Liz Krane

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Click-o-Tron:  the first website in the world where articles are written by a neural network

See it in action: and Lars Eidnes' writeup on how it works: (found via
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شعر تو رفتي از امير مبشر اقدم

به دكتر ازمن خوب گفتي
كه او هم گفت تو تٓرك گفتي..

میان دفتر شعرم ،
......... مرا گم کردی و رفتی
نوشتم بی" تـو" میمیرم ،
.......... تبسم کردی و رفتی .

من از اول ديوانه بودم...
نوشتم دادم دستت ولي
ولي با ديوانگي رها كردي رفتي

نوشتم بی" تـو" غمگینم ،
........ نوشتم بی" تـو" افسرده ،
مرا با این صفت ها هم ،
........ تجسم کردی و رفتی .

ما بهم قول داديم تاروز مرگ
توهم قول دادي يادته!؟.
ولي حتما من بدقولم رفتي...

نوشتم بعد" تـو" شبها ،
دل من ماندِه و غمها ،

"تـو" با غمهای این شبها ،
....... تفاهم کردی و رفتی .

شنیدی عشق در قلبم ،
عمیق و بی نهایت بود ،

گمانم بر دل کوچک ،
....... ترحم کردی و رفتی .

نوشتم بین صد واژه ،
مرا پیدا کن و برگرد ...
میان شعرها اما ،
.... مرا گم کردی و رفتی ...

 ·  Translate
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #46: Geeking out with my family over breakfast with an optical illusion, then rambling about how human communication is utterly mystifying and we're all alone inside our heads. I wonder what your mental model of me must be like!
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I have noticed that about mimicking as well, and also that in groups people will unconsciously mimic the people they imagine they are like, their own tribe. In a circle of 30 people I will notice two or three groups, not necessarily sitting together, but each sitting the same way. When someone they consider a leader shifts, in the next minute or two all the rest shift -- all unconsciously!
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #54: I started learning about animation again with a fun tangent on degrees of freedom (translations and rotations) and a couple other basic properties that can be animated. This one was fun to make! I just wish it wasn't so rushed!


"Do a Barrel Roll!" Star Fox 64 clip:

World Salsa Champions (demonstrating spins):

Backflips in vlog #28:

First attempt at relearning After Effects and animation in vlog #32:

Another note -- time breakdown!

Today was way too busy!

- ~2 hours preparing for my Learn to Code LA programming workshop

- ~3 hours of research on animation and that tangent on the six degrees of freedom (hey, at least now I finally know the difference between pitch, yaw and roll!)

- 1 or 2 hours scrambling to write a script, film and start editing the video before I had to leave

- 2.5 hours teaching the workshop

- 1.5 hours spent getting food and socializing with friends/workshop attendees

- 2 hours gathering videos and editing this thing and staying up too late!

That and a couple hours spent on chores/hygiene/transportation/cooking/tech support for my dad and my day was gone in a flash! But it was an awesome day and I probably won't be able to sleep after all that; whenever I'm teaching a workshop, I feel like I'm running on adrenaline the entire day!

I like tracking my time and seeing where it all disappears to. Have you ever tired it? And if so, did you learn anything interesting from it?
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+Bill Brayman
I am just no good to anyone in this state, including myself.
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #53: On photographing photographers (and being photographed!), asking about their gear, and objectifying models.

Album from My first photowalk with Google+ friends:
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Tony L.
Hey +Liz Krane, I'm doing good! Actually been doing a lot more photography lately.
Haha, I almost didn't show up, and when I did get there, there were so many people I wasn't even sure where to start
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #51: I explore the advice of my heroes to gain insight into what my own creative goals are, and I decided I'm on board for 50 more daily videos! Plus I'm flirting with a slightly crazy idea for December's project. Let me know what you think. :)

Hello Internet podcast episode 1:

The G+ thread where CGPGrey answers my question:

Vi Hart's video on how to make a video about how to make a video:

Ethan Bresnick's interview with Vi Hart:

Vi Hart's blog links:

Ira Glass on storytelling:

Short film based on Ira Glass interview by Daniel Sax:

Animation of Ira Glass interview by David Shiyang Liu:

Radiolab's Jad Abumrad on "gut churn":

"The Terrors & Occasional Virtues of Not Knowing What You’re Doing" by Jad Abumrad:

Jennifer Dewalt's 180 websites in 180 days:

Bessie Chu's blog on 180 days of data visualization learning:
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+T. Pascal​ Yes you are fortunate! Maybe you have a special gene for it ;) I'm in awe of that ability. One day maybe I'll get there, being able to do a year-long project without giving up.
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Liz Krane

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Virtual reality just got real: New tech lets users feel VR

“The key idea that allows the small and light impacto device to simulate a strong hit is that it decomposes the stimulus: it renders the tactile aspect of being hit by tapping the skin using a solenoid; it adds impact to the hit by thrusting the user’s arm backwards using electrical muscle stimulation”

Next step: OASIS! +Wayne Radinsky lol
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I saw this already did not know you where interested in this. Totally cool
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #48:  I start asking questions about lighting equipment, poking around the internet and finding a couple interesting things but mostly just confusing myself further. That's always the first step of my learning process! It's fun to feel stupid sometimes. :)


/r/explainlikeimfive threads:

Checkershadow illusion:

"Candela, lumens and lux - a simple explanation" by CausticaSoda:

"Introduction to Lighting: Defining Lumens & Foot-Candles" by SoCal Edison:

The Illuminating Engineering Society:

Photography Stack Exchange thread on luminance vs illuminance:
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+David Santy I really liked that video too. Thanks.
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Liz Krane

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Daily Learning Vlog #47: My first attempt at learning about audio equipment forced me to confront my pitiful knowledge of physics! More questions than answers today, but it's all part of the naturally messy learning process! 

"Understanding Mic Specifications" video by Shure:

A long video on recording audio for digital video:

More on audio for film:
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+Cliff Bramlett I'll definitely look for a way to try them out sometime -- try before you buy, right? :)
+Troy Davidson If my ears were pierced, then sure! Or make some clip-ons. They do have a clip already... I wonder if that'd actually work... lol
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Los Angeles
Learn all the things!
Hiyas! I'm about 0.04% done with my goal to learn everything there is to learn. Almost there! =P

Some of my current interests (meaning you can send me links on these topics and I'd go "eeee!"):

~~~~~~~~~~  Computer science / Programming  ~~~~~~~~~

Web development, Android development, creating productivity tools, body computing, G+ hangouts API

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Education  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Free learning resources, social learning / education 2.0 / other buzzwords, educational video games, STEM education, all sorts of alternative education (homeschooling, unschooling), autodidacticism, polymathy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Art and Design 
Web design, photography, videography, video editing, graphic design, typography, making bad drawings

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Math and Science  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Right now I'm particularly interested in the fundamentals of math, how the brain understands it (numerical cognition), and how I should go about relearning it and actually liking it

To sum it up: let's exchange knowledge! :) I'm here to soak up as much as I can. Mmmm knooowwledge...

I'm also here to meet interesting people and make friends. I'll circle you if you post interesting things, especially things I can learn from! I'm also much more likely to circle you if you have some information about yourself in your profile.
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developing an Android app (search my name on Google Play), swing dancing with Bill Nye the Science Guy (and he's one smooth dancer!)
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