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If mathematics were made of machines, rather than rules... Tee hee hee, math jokes. :D

You have to see the whole comic strip here:
-- from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by +Zach Weiner

By the way, why aren't more people following him on G+? He's clearly pretty awesome!
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This is really funny. I love jokes about anything I am learning, from math to science to English. By the way, I know a bunch of really funny chemistry jokes!
Tony L.
Now it all makes sense!

...I think
I still don't fully understand and it makes me feel bad. Trig doesn't go into probability.
+Peter Phillips I at least understood the one I uploaded here. The rest I had to look up online. lol.
my favorite part of the strip is almost always the hidden panel that pops up when you hover over the red button at the bottom. these usually break the 4th wall showing a conversation between +Zach Weiner and his wife. and from what i've been able to gather she's even more awesome in real life than he makes her out to be.
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