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Let's have a book-burning party! Yay!

Haha, how great is that... Saving a library from being closed by planning a book-burning party. Reverse psychology works so amazingly well sometimes.
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I've actually burned old musty books in my fireplace and I got that butterflies in the stomach sort of feeling. What is it that makes some of us revere books so? I always think it odd when I am at someones house and they don't have any books, not even reference books! Shocking, I know, right?
This has to be the most ingenious campaign for anything. Awesome!
That's hilarious. What's odd to me is that so many people didn't realize is was reverse psychology at first...
Tony L.
That was brilliant, I'll burn my own books in celebration! ...wait
+Wendy Cohoon I get what you are saying, but if you were at my house you would get that feeling for naught. We have almost all our books digitized. Strange how that has changed so fast in the past few year huh?
You been reading too much Bradbury :P 
THis was a great move on your guys part...props on the mad creativity and saving the library
from side of voters or politicians? Thanks to this campaign, voters realized that their vote is important and not just word yes or no. It makes people think more about consequences.
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