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12 years in under 3 minutes

Yes, another crazy project I plan to inflict upon my future children!
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This is very impressive both in the visual realization and the level of commitment (obsession?) necessary to produce it. It is very compelling to watch the visual record of the development of a unique personality...
I am amaze to see some one grow in front of your own eyes. so fast.
I think I may want to do one with pictures. Once per week though. One per day means that they'd have to be with me EVERY day. And we know circumstances arise [though one per day quickly changing would be awesome]
This is so cool!

I wonder what would happen if someone did a time-lapse video of a dog? It would work well on a giant breed like a Mastiff, which grow (on average) around a half pound a day up until they are a year old. Fortunately, they slow down quite a bit and finally stop growing at 4 or 5 years old - that's around two hundred pounds!
(If the dog is anything like my Golden Retriever, she'd probably get bored and annoyed pretty quickly.)
If the dog does get bored, you can always try a tomato plant or something... I once did a T-Lapse video about lentil plants and how they moved in relation to the sun's position in the sky. That worked well, and plants usually stay in one place, which helps tremendously.
You gotta wonder what kind of effect (affect?) this has on the child, is she going to grow up to be completely full of herself?
This is cool. a few seconds per shoot, once per week. I think it works a lot better than the usual 1 frame per whatever.
awesome i will so do this when im older. she's so beautiful!
li lei
smile was so pressive. and she had good parents to record her childhood.
that just blew my mind....need to research more.
great video with awful music. the images were engrossing, so i didn't think to just turn down the sound. duh. it was like the music from a lab safety powerpoint presentation. "there are eyewash stations with safety showers located next to the door in each lab." :)
Tony L.
Talk about growing up quickly!
wow, just watching that vid made me realize how we grow so much over time
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