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My unfiltered Math circle!

I haven't had a chance to sort through it yet to see who's actually active, or even if all these people are actually interested in math or are mathematicians.

But I'm sharing it just for +Prashastha P. :) I think all the mathsy folks who are newer to G+ like +Rongmin Lu will also appreciate this circle.

No G+ stream is complete without some beautiful math!
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Darn, this is one circle I would have loved to be a part of. I do share math posts but you must have missed them. My degree is in Computer Science and I love math.
Wait.. 406 members in the circle minus 383 posts I've seen today is 23... my god its all connected... oh wait maybe that should be for a movie circle... hmm :)
If it's a circle you use for sharing-to, please add me. If it's for filtering your stream, never mind. Thks! (Hey, G+, notice how these are two different things?)
Pfft, numbers. I don't think I even remember any numbers in college or grad level math.
+Maria Stepanov Sommerfield I will add you. :) I seriously have to get my circles in order. I know I'm missing a lot of other people too!

+Tegan Dowling I generally just make all my posts public, math-related stuff included. :) It's easier to save a search for a topic than relying on the weird G+ circles system.
+Liz Krane thanks! I normally don't mind if I am not in certain circles, but math is a specific passion of mine, so I hate to be left out. ;) My circles are a big huge mess also.
Math is the language of the Divine.
Hehe I love math, but I doubt I'll be doing math posts. Mostly just reshares. But I'll be on the lookout for 'em though.
I'll take that! Feel free to add me to it if you like :)
+Alizée Rait lol, I'll look for some nice flowers to post. Though my only posts that made it to the "What's Hot" page were both about math!
Nope, probably not. Unless you combine it with dancing cats somehow.
that means just one click I can get to know those math geeks?
Is there a "curious about math, but doesn't have people to talk to that will teach me stuff" circle somewhere?
+SE Hopkins Nope, but I can relate! I don't really understand math, never liked it in school, but really want to learn more and start to appreciate it more. :) I'm using this math circle as a way to live vicariously through them, and hopefully absorb some of their mathyness.
+Liz Krane Thanks. I've added quite a few. There are quite a few of my friends in there, which is interesting to know.
+Liz Krane, if you need one more Mathematician, feel free to add me to your Math circle...
Thanks for the math circle. Can you add me to the circle? I mostly post about math related stuff on G+ and have a math blog.
+Thomas Egense You're already in it. :) Or at least I added you sometime after posting this. Looking forward to more mathy goodness!
Ditto the above. Thanks, +Liz Krane. Also, +David Roberts, since we're name-dropping and all, we also did our PhDs around the same time.
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