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Some "Things I Won't Work With" from a Chemist

Like hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane, smelly isocyanides, dioxygen difluoride, frisky perchlorates, and more goodies. I'm not even a chemistry geek (yet..) but I did enjoy a glimpse into the world of crazy chemicals.

The rest of the blog is interesting, too. For example, he discusses the news that buckyballs are the key to immortality... (Yeah, I don't buy it either.)

+Tu-Anh Tran I think you might like this. :)

Thanks for sharing this +Eric Hopper!
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hahahaha I see very few chemistry posts on here :D
This is bringing back bad memories from chem class. Make it stop! Make it stop!!!
Funny, I'd just heard about that website earlier this week. My two favourite chemicals to hate are Arsine and HF (Hydroflouric Acid) which are hard to avoid in my current industry, semiconductors.
Just to be clear, for the clueless nerds like me. . . . Was the image meant to suggest the words "Oh no"? I have no idea whether I've caught on late to the joke or what. I followed the link, but it led me to a smart post, and my brain isn't ready for anything that smart this late at night -- at least not stuff that smart and that unfamiliar, like whatchamacallichlorides. . . .
Ok, so Buckminsterfullerene in olive oil and 50ppm Hydrogen Sulfide to extend life. Any more I need to add to my list? ;-)
"The H2S-exposed worms lived eight times longer than untreated worms ..." Sign me up!
+Thomas Kang - If you have some knowledge of chemistry, that image should frighten you all by itself. That much nitrogen all bound up covalently like that is a violent explosion waiting to happen.

Note that I did not know enough about chemistry to realize this before reading the article. But now I know what to look for in spotting scary and unstable compounds.
I hear there's an Octonitro-wazzit someone made. That's eight nitrogen bonds! O.o
O-N N-O! So it was just my uneducated imagination! Now, I'm bracing for you to tell me that there is also no such a thing as a whatchamacallichloride.
I wonder what the limit is. Can I make a decanitrowhatchamawhosit, something with 10 nitrogen bonds? 11? 12? 100?
Triskadecawaddawaddaisitoxide with thirteen of 'Em.

I can't quite recall what the new element Em stands for, but if I remember correctly it's something like Eminemium.
If I'm not mistaken, Eminem accidentally stumbled onto the new element in his basement, as he and Snoop Dogg were experimenting with various chemical substances.
"Addendum: it's an odd thing, but when you search for information on this compound, a significant number of the Google hits are for its environmental effects. This is an explosive, meant for munitions and destruction, but there are all kinds of studies on its effects on earthworms, fish, soil microorganisms, and so on. Steven Pinker must be right..." -- haha
Found those Buckyballs on SigmaAldrich. 5 grams is almost $1,000. 0.8mg/ml at ??? ml/kg means you'd still have to make some pretty good money to try the life extension salad dressing.
Oh, the ??? could be answered by buying a copy of the original study for $35.95, or 99¢ for 24 access. :-p
227G of H2S is about $400. Pricey, but you don't need much... of course, if you get the dosage wrong you die.
If it weren't so costly (and hazardous) I'd try it out. ;-D
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