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The History of the Internet -- an animated documentary

This is a great refresher on the internet's humble beginnings. I like the simple animation style, too.

More about the video:
And here are the icons used in the video:

I totally missed out on experiencing the early early internet... when I started using it, we were already in the Geocities and Angelfire phase. :)

When did you get started on the internet? Do you ever miss "the good old days" or are you glad they're over?
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I started using the internet back in 1991 or so, pre WWW days. Mostly used UseNet, telnet BBS's, FTP, MUDs, etc.

Lots of fun. I didn't get the whole web browser thing for a while. I thought it was too simplistic and stupid for 6 months or a year until I got it back in 94 or 95.

Oh, also - met my wife on the internet back then, before all the WWW dating sites, etc etc. We met on a telnet BBS.
Loved watching this :) thanks for posting.

I got involved in early '93 and have enjoyed the benefits for almost 20 years now. My life is so much better, because I learned to use this tech early in my professional career. Thanks Darpa!! and all others who helped bridge the technological divide.
My earliest direct contact was in '93 with email while in the military. I recall using the Mosaic browser and Pine email client back in '94 in a .edu context.
I am glad the days of the earliest time sharing computers are way past us. It was a grind in HS using a single PDP-11 shared by 6 terminals.
When did you get started on the internet? Well, long enough to remember using Gopher and goofing around in some early MUDs.
Do you ever miss "the good old days" or are you glad they're over? Despite a certain nostalgia,I'd have to say it is clearly better now
I was on the edu side of darpa net back in 86. Played MUD, Omega, and a few games. Mainly just email using bang paths back then.
I started using the internet in 1992
I think one thing that was left out were the BBS in the 80's A lot of from darpa time had 300 baud modems and were more connnected than most ever imagined. There was fidonet which was huge, WWIV and some others
Almost forgot Nethack. Nothing like being killed by your own ghost
Omega on UNIX was a roleplaying game like a for runner of the adventure games. You ran around with a choice of 12 classes in the City of Omega, had several dungeons and deadly outlands.
I miss calling different BBs-es - those were the days. All night to download 500KB on 1200baud
There are times but I greater enjoy today's internet.
+Amy Khoudari Seriously old school! :) My dad worked with punch cards too. I love hearing stories about that stuff!
1996. Dial-up using those clunky 32 MBPS modems. Netscape as browser. We chat groups that had "Eyeball" parties. The thrills of pre YM & Facebook.
kids in the future will have to memorize this video for history
+Thaddeus Villasor Yes, that was an amazing time for me! I think I started around '96 or '97 too... Netscape, making silly websites, playing Active Worlds, and then becoming obsessed with Ultima Online... my formative years, hehe.
Wow.. Love this! I was on a lot of the BBS boards in the early 90's and never looked back although I didn't start using it a lot until about '94/'95.

Really enjoyed this video!
Tony L.
Started way back in the BBS days too, playing Trade Wars, then moving on the MUDs on AOL. I don't really miss the old days of messing with modem settings or arguing over how much time each of my brothers and I got to use it each day though. >_>
ULTIMA ONLINE! Sorry, I knew other people had played it, I just think this may be the first time I've heard a real person say they did! I lost several months of my life to that game. I still think about it sometimes, late at night....
what about the german computer industry
Great vid thanks +Liz Krane for sharing! Dial up only seems like yesterday with the screeching sounds of modems when they connected.
The first web page I ever visited was in text-only format. It only took ten minutes to load, and 15 seconds to get bored with. Who likes the NBA? Text-only porn would have been pretty sweet. LOL
How do I watch this video on Android?
+Tony L. lol. Yeah, I remember saying "wait wait 5 more minutes!" whenever someone wanted to use the phone.
I found this very interesting and did not realize how far back the starting point was.
+Ian Pickering Good memories, right? :D I played it for about 3 years. Some of my memories from that game are more vivid than real-life ones. My character's name was Princess Liz... if you ever saw me, I was probably running around Moonglow showing off my pet dragons or pretending to decapitate people with my halberd. I could go on and on about that game... lol!
Tony L.
My first real multiplayer game was Gemstone III, and oddly enough my memories are mostly about how inventive all the different ways of dying were. >_>
The Amiga board which I believe ran on Arpanet - gad am I old :}
Those who played with building sites in the mid 90s have a very different impression of animated GIFs compared to what is seen currently. Anyone load dancing animals on a page?
I love it :)
+Liz Krane I think you may have blown my mind.
The world needs more people like you in it
+John Wardlaw Thank you!!! I'm reading up on MPLS now so this might be a good background for me
What is interesting I worked for UUNET after i left the marine corps in1995 I helped build the first OC192 Ring between NY VA and chicago... This was a very nice presentation... they should have touched on how it became commercialized thru aol and CNS and given credit to JON POSTEL and +vint cerf for all of there valuable contributions... (if you dont know who those two men are then look them up!!!!!! with out there stead fast belief in the work they were doing we would not have the internet the way you know it today..
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