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Morning coffee hitting the bloodstream! I'm writing an article on what apps would be good to have before you come to BlogHer '11 in San Diego.

What mobile apps are useful for you at conferences or while traveling?
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I love using Beluga to touch base with people during the event. We can also tip each other off on cool unplanned gatherings.
Assuming conferences are like cons, something that will remind me to eat every four or five hours. Which, obvs, can come with any number of tech gadgets, but without it I really do forget and then can't figure out why I'm crashing so hard.
The app of whatever airline you're flying. Yelp. Zagat. Open Table. 
And Foursquare of course and perhaps an app to read QR codes on business cards.
Oh I'm glad I asked - I never heard of Beluga and now want to try it!
These are all good suggestions... +Heather Barmore I use Tripit but have never thought of getting a specific app by airline!
starbucks for places without oodles of local coffee shops
+Liz Henry I use the SWA app at least once a week. Or else I'd never know when my flights are. Seriously. 
I also started using Instagram during conferences. There's a small enough group of people in there, you can meet new and interesting people who have iPhones. I plan to take pictures during the conference and tag #BlogHer11 with those pics. Following hashtags inside Instagram is fun!
Tripit. Yelp. Remembering to update & sync my contacts before I leave...
Would G+ huddle do the same thing as Beluga?
+Adina Levin Yes I have that bit already in the post! I think Huddles would be great as a conference backchannel but also for small groups who intend to go to dinner or something like that!
Awesome Liz! Thanks for the quote!
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