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Liz Hanks
Works at Oracle Corporation
Lived in San Jose, Costa Rica
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Liz Hanks

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One of the few dive destinations still on my bucket list is The Eastern Fields of Papua New Guinea. It's remote, unspoiled, and full of life and color. Below are some links from a recent +Wetpixel trip.

+Tony Wu's blog, with fantastic images and stories:

Full trip report on +Wetpixel:

+Eric Cheng's trip slideshow/video, including lots of images from other divers:

And here is an excellent set of wide angle images from +Nana Trongratanawong's post:
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love it :)
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Liz Hanks

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What Lens Produces Your Favorite Shots?

There was an interesting +Wetpixel forum topic about a year ago on lens statistics ( It was in the context of ideal lenses for underwater shooting but I thought I'd post a related generic tip on G+.

I don't use Lightroom for organizing or editing, but downloading a trial copy was worthwhile to me for one simple task: Getting statistics on what lenses I've used to produce my digital images (all, keepers, and favorites). To do something similar, just import the folder where you store all your images into Lightroom, then click on "Metadata" as the Library Filter at the top (the default is "None"). This immediately will show you on the right, how often you've used each lens.

You can then create a separate collection for, say, your favorite images (in my case anything with 2 or more stars), and look at the lens statistics again.

After plunking the numbers into a spreadsheet, you can find out interesting things about your lens use. In my case, even though I shoot wide angle 71% of the time, 64% of my favorite images came from a macro lens.

Try this out at your end, if you have a minute, and tell us what interesting stats you come up with.
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Liz Hanks

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This was one of those "wrong lens" scenarios... I had dived The Needle in Carmel Bay with a normally appropriate fisheye lens, and on the way up, this delightful bell jelly pranced in front of me, taunting me with its grace.

I almost touched it with my dome port, to get close enough to fill as much as the frame as possible. Still, I had to crop out the sides to get rid of the extra space and backscatter.

Can you spot the little crab hitch-hiking a ride on the bell?
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Wonderful capture! I love photography and diving. Never really brought them together.
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Liz Hanks

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At a site called Ballbuster in Monterey Bay, we descended to 107 feet for a delightful dive. A thick swarm of sea nettles greeted us on the way up. One of them was nice enough to pose in front of the sun.

When shooting upwards with a fisheye lens in the water, it can be quite hard to avoid getting your own bubbles in the image. It's dangerous to hold your breath in the shallows. I ended up cropping out the distracting bubbles at the top of the frame. That and some spot removal were the main edits I performed on this shot.

#ThirstyThursdayPics #PlusPhotoExtract
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Love the colors
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Have her in circles
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