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Very cool free printable Easter coloring pages for older kids or uh...adults. 

#easter   #eastercrafts   #coloring   #printable   #freebies   #kidsactivities   #kidscrafts  +Cool Mom Picks  #coolmompicks  
If you’re looking for some last minute Easter crafts for your kids, and making your own hand-stitched Easter bunny doll from vintage fabrics you scavenged...
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So excited about the new Design Mom book on living with kids, and balancing function, organization and beauty in the home. Here's my review of the book including some of Gabby's best tips.

#design   #homedecor   #homedesign   #designmom  +Gabrielle Stanley Blair +Cool Mom Picks  #parenting   #kids   #organization  
We're so excited to share an early preview of the new Design Mom book, all about living with kids and keeping your home liveable. But is it for everyone?
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Really good , easy tips for making your smartphone less of a distraction. As in, not looking at it every 4 seconds. 

#iphone   #smartphone   #socialmedia   #tipsandtricks   #tech   #technology   #techtips  +Cool Mom Tech 
If you need a little help being more productive, or just need a break from your phone, here are 8 ways to decrease distractions -- without turning it off.
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Great great information.I'm making the adjustments.Thanks a whole lot.
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Laughing at all these St Patrick's Day lunchbox ideas. Most are probably beyond my skill set but there are some great ideas here too.

#stpatricksday   #stpatricksday2015   #lunchbox   #parenting   #kids   #food   #rainbows   #leprechaun  +Cool Mom Picks 
Lucky you: We found 7 cute, easy school lunch ideas for St. Patricks day, from rainbow fruit to leprechaun sandwiches. (Contains no actual leprechauns.)
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Plush taxidermy. Because, awesome.

#handmade   #etsy   #plush   #decor  +Etsy +Cool Mom Picks 
More cute than creepy, plush taxidermy is an adorable decor trend for nurseries and children's bedrooms and we're loving the work of this cool Etsy artist.
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Insanely cool kit that lets you turn on-screen Minecraft worlds into real worlds with some tech + engineering. 

#minecraft   #piper   #engineeringeducation   #stem   #tech   #techtoys  +Cool Mom Tech  #coolmomtech  
Piper combines engineering and Minecraft to create an amazing toolbox that's one of the coolest STEM toys we've seen.
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Agree +Kenneth Benn ! These kids are amazing, and so are the companies who help them do this kind of work. Thanks for your comment.
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Liz Gumbinner

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So genius. Time for my kids to start making me dinner, then cleaning it up. 
We put together a helpful guide to chores for kids by age. Free labor! 

#Chores   #Kids   #parents   #Parenting   #Lifesavers   #Family   #Kitchen   #Cleaning   #Natural   #CleaningProducts   #Laundry   #Bathroom   #CleaningTips   #parentingtips   #Household  
Looking for ways to get your kids involved around the house? Here's a helpful guide to chores for kids by age, from toddlers to big kids and tweens.
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4 really awesome, creative Instagram accounts from parents, that have nothing to do with sharing photos of kids. 

#instagram   #socialmedia   #photography   #foodart   #foodphotography   #illustration  +Cool Mom Tech  #parenting  
While we can't resist a gorgeous baby photo, we love these parents' Instagram accounts that are so filled with fun and creativity, they're worth a follow.
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Me too +Twylla Freshley !
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We all know the marshmallows are the best part of the Lucky Charms, right? Kids will love these recipes, even if they make your teeth hurt.

#dessertrecipes   #stpatricksday   #stpatricksday2015   #recipeideas   #luckycharms   #homemadefood   #rainbow  +Cool Mom Picks  #dessertrecipes   #dessertideas   #treats  
Even if you're not into Lucky Charms for breakfast, kids will adore these recipes for 4 yummy Lucky Charms desserts that are all about those marshmallows.
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I'm more of a purist with my Easter Eggs: Color, not stickers.
Hope you like these cool DIY egg-decorating ideas I put together!

#easter   #easteregg   #crafts   #diy   #diycrafts  +Cool Mom Picks 
We've found 17 truly cool easter egg decorating ideas we can't wait to try. They're all gorgeous but not too fussy for kids to do, which is key for us.
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The new Apple Watch announcement: Is it the coolest thing ever, or killing the need to ever talk to an actual human?

#applewatch   #apple   #technology   #technews  +Cool Mom Tech 
We're so impressed with the Apple Watch news + features, but also wondering whether all that personalization is actually...impersonal. Here's our thoughts.
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What is terrifying is the number of iSheep who will mindlessly throw their money at it, despite it being very late to the smartwatch scene, overpriced as usual, and anything else except innovative. If anyone is actually convinced that this watch is even close to being "the next big thing," they're either completely cut off from the rest of the world or they've been so brainwashed by Apple that they're convinced if its superiority simply by its pricetag. Is it garbage? No. Is it a miracle? Well, hell no. What is it then?

It's just another typical Apple product. No more, no less.
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Love these iPad cases meant to be doodled on and decorated by you. Their gallery is amazing!

#ipad   #ipadcases  +Papernomad +Griffin Technology +Cool Mom Tech  #coolstuff  
Remember doodling on your notebooks? Now you can do the same with your iPad or iPhone sleeve, with the help of the super cool Papernomad cases. Take a look!
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That looks great for a gift
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