There is a new, relatively small, independently run, non-profit library near my house that is run solely on donations. If anyone has any books that you and/or your children may be done reading and want them to go to a new home, please let me know! The couple of times that I've been in there, it's been busy, but they just don't have enough of the newer books.

I'm not affiliated with the library in any way, just happy to not have to drive 45 minutes to a county run library quite as often. They don't have enough books yet to keep me from having to go to the other libraries completely, but they are working on it :-) The one librarian and I were talking about how her children are the same age as my son and the couple of series that he was looking for, her own children had been looking for, and they haven't gotten any donated yet.

If you're in San Tan Valley, you can drop books off at the Johnson Community Library any time, and get a free library card with proof that you live in Pinal County, unlike the Queen Creek library that is run by Maricopa County!

If you don't live nearby and would still like to donate books, I've included the address below, or we can work out how to get the books to me. For my Vegas friends, I can get them from you my next trip to town in the next couple weeks :-) This is where all of my books are going once I've read them, other than my special autographed ones LOL

And of course, any of my author friends, they would happily accept new book donations as well :-)

The library information is:
Johnson Community Library

968-1 E Hunt Highway
Queen Creek AZ 85143
Phone (480) 353-2770
Fax (480) 353-2771

Thanks everyone!!
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