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Bill's birthday request...a classic yellow cake with chocolate icing:
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Wow, this cake looks sooooo good...Hmmm....
I am in love with that icing.
Looks just like the cover of Better Crocker cake mix! I mean that as a compliment too :)
Lizzy, I want a cake like that for my birthday too! looks amazing, awesome work dear. I wanted to give u a + but I still cant for some crazy google reason. =I
Thanks, Helene...I'll give you a + instead!!!
Ahhhhhgg, How are we supposed to work when we're drooling over your creations? If you look long enough into the chocolate swirls, you can see a dolphin jumping from the waves of chocolate ! I told you it was affecting us, our supervisor is demanding that we remove you from our circles altogether, but he knows we will just open another account, Love your stuff !
Aw, thank you so much Reviewmaster!
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