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The Google Glass Store is live for existing Explorers.. .you can't order anything yet, except the clear shield for $75 (compatible with the new new Glass model), but it appears soon you'll be able to grab extra accessories when you need them!
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Hmm.  I get redirected to a landing page.  Did this link take you directly to a store?
Link is working for me ... just had to scroll down. 
And that's just the sack! O.o
Hehehehe @ +Robert Warren :-)

So I also only get to the "Get Glass" landing page asking me for an invite code. What's the actual URL of the store?
Not using Chrome. Do I need to?
Same thing happens for me in Chrome. Can't get there.
Nope, not working for me. I think I just got my invite code phished :) j/k
It is working for me, I wish I could use the site to buy another Google Glass.  Oh well.
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