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iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Games, Applications, Development
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Games, Applications, Development

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We are pleased to announce that Baker Business 2 is now available on Windows Phone 8 devices!




For more information about Baker Business 2 visit

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Baker Business 2 Halloween Edition released
Love Baker Business 2? We have a treat for you, no tricks, just treats with the release of Baker Business 2 Halloween Edition! Featuring all the things you love about Baker Business 2 but with a Halloween twist! All new spooky baked goods to sell and caramel apples – who doesn’t love caramel apples?

Currently available on all Android / Google Play devices and coming soon to iOS / iPhone / iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. Also, you heard it here first… coming soon to Windows Phone 8!!


Hope you all have a super Halloween!!

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Thanks to @TheAppInsider for posting a video for Baker Business 2 on youtube! #BakerBusiness2 @YouTube

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Baker Business 2 is now available on all Apple devices! Try the FREE App Store demo now:

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Run your own bakery and bake till your heart’s content! Create cool confections, beautiful breads, crazy-good cakes and many more awesome-tastic treats (did I mention brownies!?)!

Try the FREE Android Demo:

Seriously, there’s doughnuts, who doesn’t love doughnuts?!

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New Release! Baker Business 2! Try the FREE Android Demo Today!

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Hey everybody!! We’ve just released another app! Baker Business 2! That’s right 2! 

Baker Business 2 is fully re-designed and now available on Google Play and soon to be available in the Apple App Store!

 Try the Android FREE demo now!

Own your very own bakery with Baker Business 2! Tycoon your way to the top by making tons of delicious treats for your customers! You’ll be able to expand your business and customize your bakery; all the while fulfilling your customer’s orders and boosting your bakery’s rating, making you the #1 bakery in town!

Make a huge range of items for your customers in your very own kitchen where you can bake with ovens and stock super fun appliances with even more possibilities. Baker Business 2 has such a non-stop addictive pace that you won’t be able to put it down. So if you want to be a bakery, coffee shop, donut shop, sell ice cream and more, get it all in one with Baker Business 2.

-Play all 30 levels and unlock over 130+ items including: cakes, cookies, pies, bread, coffee, tea, cocoa, soda pop and MUCH more!
-Unlock perks and promotions that’ll make your bakery thrive!

-Customize your bakery with different shelf choices and wallpaper

-Learn basic business skills by managing money with easy to understand finance reports

-Easy to play and suitable for all ages

-Don’t worry about in-app purchases, you’ll get it all with this one time buy!

Buy The FULL Version Today!

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Getting impatient while waiting to hit the water park, go to the first summer party or go on that epic road trip you’ve planned? Pass the time with one of our games! Be heroic with Nimble the Mouse, own your own horse with Horse Stable Tycoon or stay spelling-savvy with You Spell. Check out our games today @ !!

Congratulations everyone on reaching 100+ Stars with #YouSpell NEW CHALLENGE: Can you get to 250 Stars? You're at 118 / 250 so far!

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So far today’s most added word for You Spell is children! Add it to your You Spell words and see if you can master it!

Check out other You Spell word stats on our website (click stats on You Spell's game page)!

Hey while you at it check out You Spell on the App Store today! 
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