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Andy Carroll heads in a late winner to help Liverpool beat Everton at Wembley and book a place in the FA Cup final.
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I'd just like to make a comment on the fact that Liverpools top players, like Suarez, Gerrard, Kuyt, Reina and a few other players, are all attackers (excluding Reina).

Where are all our good defenders?
Yehhhhh ... But that's the weak spot. Maybe we'll get some better defenders next year. Liverpool are going to be sponsored by some random US company and apparently they are going to make SQUILLIONS.
Remember that we had the best defense in the EPL prior to the holiday break. We've had some unfortunate injuries that have paid a toll on our current league standings. I would go on to state that Kelly and Coates have both looked very strong this season as well, and Flanagan has excellent potential. Aurelio is also a top class player who simply hasn't had enough playing time to assert himself. We could certainly use another CB and DCM. Spearing has played well, but he still has a way to go before he is on the same level as Lucas.
Sois los mejores Campeones, UNA ALEGRIA POR FAVOR!!!
That is the way to do it.
Just pray for that they will beat Chelsea in the final.
Kuyt with the ball, Torres comes screaming in, Brilliant tackle, he's got the ball, being hassled by Gerrard, it's a Penalty! No, what's he doing? Torres is threatening Gerrard! Oh dear! He's been red-carded. Torres does NOT like that. It's a free kick for liverpool on 3 all. Gerrard takes the kick. Passes to suarez. Suarez runs down the wing, and GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!
wembley wembley we are the greatest team in eurpoe and we are of too wembley!!wembley wembley
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