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What do you think of the new LFC Home Kit?
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Don't like it at all. Looks too much like a polo shirt to me. I think this may be the first year I don't buy the home shirt...
What the hell, the kit looks just as crap as our performance. Barf!!
Bobby W
Rating that kit.
i think the shirts from adidas were way better... (but i guess that's only cause i'm used to it) :-)
Cannot believe Liverpool Football Club would allow the Eternal Flames to be removed from the club's crest.

"Eternal" doesn't mean "until the designers think it's a good idea".

it looks more like a polo shirt than a football kit
Definitely looks better being worn than as those photos. End of the day, it's Red, it's Liverpool. That's all it needs to be
I like it! Was getting bored of the Adidas stripes, anyway. Good stuff.
True Bobby W. Not quite the same as having in the crest tho.

Besides, where's the '38'?
Bobby W
Also the european stars would look very decent. ;-)
Bobby W
One final thing- Do we not have a warrior away kit?! as on the website its still adidias away and 3rd....
people stop hating on liverpool's new kit its awesome, but when is it ever bad #Yeahisaidit
I am happy be your friend. Greeting from Bali
be more impressed with some "home grown" talent rather than overpaid prima donnas
loserpool suck so fucking much
charming do you kiss your mother goodnight with that foul mouth or use it for sucking other noobs
nice touch for the Hillsborough 96 on the neck of the shirt at the rear :)
my comment nasty .? More 2 polite questions in relation to his moronic profanity , you want nasty .............hmm.. we can manage that when needed :)
Not really impressed but the club is more important
3rd most valued kit in the world coming behind real madrid and barcalona that'll do for me!! nice kit! hope we play better in it :)
i think it should still be red and white not red and yellow
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