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The manager rang the changes last night but the result was disappointing.
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change the manager... that's was the right attitude by the owner.. he's king of nothing..
Liverpool bad play tonight
Kenny is a good manager.....he manages to win the Carling Cup and qualifies for the final in the FA Cup....the problem is the players.....
really!!!! what did he expect from changing 9 players at once guys who have never played together in a single match since the season began he is the one demotivating them.
Kenny has not focused on the league at ALL. We have the players, it's the combination that is going wrong. Hope we don't find ourselves fighting relegation next season.YNWA
Anna Za
"The Game is not The End" u can Got FA Cup Mates,,we'll always Support U #YNWA #THeRedsLover
I love liverpool
my whole faily loves liverpool to. so
KD manages nothing! How can you say he's a good manager when he doesn't even know how to combine players?

Fanway Sport and +Henry should pls come to our rescue. This disgrace is too much!
Everyone should be on the teamside. Cheer on if u a going to be there.we should be there as one to support the team. We need to win that cup . We need to play as a team. Support it. Keep the faith .ynwn. Please cheer the team
Skrtel just hold yo head up man . Focus on the cup. Everyone be proud of this team. They need all of you on their side. Do it for the team.
I don't need the f....g FA Cup. What is I need is Premiership and Champion League.

You cannot spend over a £100m and all you could bring is just the Carling Cup.

How are they gonna even beat Chelsea?Let's face it, we are in a big mess and rallying round mediocrity will never help us.

Yeh didn't matter the game last night.. win or lose our league has been a write off. Hopefully we'll win the fa cup on Saturday!
This was the poorest team Sterling have played on this year. I was very dissapointed by the lack of interest to win. Hope it will be better against Chelsea
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