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What were the best goals of the season? Watch 10 free videos via the link to the official website then post your pick below and give your reasons as to why it's the best.
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i bet the suarez hattrick against norwich goes in the record books...especially the 3rd was a great match.
either Coates vs QPR or Suarez vs Norwich.
Am not interested in sport, but if i should choose i prefer Liverpool
In case anyone doesn't know: Kenny has gone!
Not the best of decisions - should have had another season. FSG need to sort out a new manager very fast to allow him time and money

Back to square one... AGAIN!

Looking forward to when they next make a visit to Anfield - the reaction should be interesting.
They need a new manager and fast! They cost us an amazing manager and legend to liverpool fc. Hopefully this will be the last of all this bad news...Keep your heads up guys....
End Wai
Dirk, maxi & aurelio should've been playing most of the fixtures this season. Kenny just dont know how to appreciate the lads. Exit door should be shown to henderson, carrol n downing. I hate when suarez didnt play well and try to play dramas in penalty box just to appeal penalties. Just play a good football! Kenny just overrated carrol
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