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Live Free with Sheri

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This is one of my favorite quotes. You have to believe it first!

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Are you ready to get a jump start on Spring Cleaning? How about we start with ourselves FIRST?
Save the date! Join My 12 Day Cleanse Challenge Starting APRIL 24th! Make a commitment to yourself!
You will receive a preparation package and also a clean eating recipe booklet to get started and SO MUCH MORE. You will not be hungry, I promise! Yummy recipes, and easy to make so you will not consume all your time in the kitchen.
You will also have access to a private Facebook group for encouragement. All this for only $74!
In addition to this check out the other information you will receive. This is more then just a cleanse, and you will have an awesome program to always refer back to when your done.
Here's a breakdown of the additional AWESOME tips, tools, and tricks you will receive! Whoo Hooo! 
Your 12 Day Cleanse will also include:
Day 1: Seasonal Food, Grocery Shopping, Healthy Snacks, Produce Storage, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 2: Goal Setting, Symptoms of Cleansing, Relief of Symptoms, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 3: Visualization, Create a Vision Board, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 4: Water, Hydration, Why Lemon Water, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 5: Vitamin D, Sunshine, Juicing vs. Blending, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 6: Inflammation, Inflammatory Foods, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 7: Activities, Exercise, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 8: Trying New Things, Experiment, Dry Brushing, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 9: Energy and Stimulation, Caffeine, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 10: Stress, Signs of Stress, Stress Relief, Sleep, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 11: Sugar Addiction, Hidden Sugar, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Day 12: Going Forward, Embracing Change, Affirmation & Thought of the Day
Join me April 24th! I look forward to supporting you on your journey!
For additional information and to sign up go here.

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Happy Monday Everyone! Do you know what I've found to work wonders for my anxiety and addiction issues? Getting outside, breathing, and letting go. Sometimes it's the easy things in life that work the best. Utilize some of these simple tools to change your day, your feelings, your thoughts, and your life.
Have a beautiful week!
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From weight loss, to weight gain, food addiction, alcohol addiction and anxiety these are Five Simple Steps that have Transformed My Life.
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My Monday Motivation has become your Tuesday Tips due to technical issues yesterday so Enjoy! 
Staying committed to your fitness and wellness path can be overwhelming. The outside world challenges us and gives us so many opportunities to lose track of the big picture. We have our families, work commitments, and the never ending to-do list. The first thing that gets lost in the shuffle is typically our fitness and wellness goals.
Today I offer you some of my favorite ways to make your fitness and wellness a priority!
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Are you excited about spring? Are you ready to get rid of the winter blues and feel light on your feet? Check out my 12 Day All Natural Cleanse. I promise you will not be hungry, you will eat fresh, whole foods, no pills or powders. 
Here is just a few things you will receive:
~Preparation package with everything you need to get started.
~Delicious recipes.
~Eloquent, complete day-by-day approach that will keep you on track, through the excitement and challenges of your daily program.
~Daily meal planning guide with nutritious, wholefood options.
~12-day supported all natural cleanse schedule.
~Goal setting activities.
~Self-Care and Self-Love tips and tools.
And more!
For more info go to:
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Good Morning and Happy Monday! 
Today I'm dishing about my favorite fitness cocktail and how I like to jump start my mornings. I show you how you can get your daily dose of dense nutrition and superfood in one delicious and tasty beverage. I want you to Live Healthy, Feel Fearless and Be Free! Let's have an Awesome week! 
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Bye Bye Winter Blues! Spring is here baby! 
Are you ready to feel light on your feet? For $74 I have an incredible 12 Day All Natural Cleanse. 
You will get a preparation package and recipe booklet to get started. No pills, no powders, and no meal substitutes! You will enjoy healthy, whole food every day... and you won't ever be hungry! Can't say that on most cleanses.
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