State of LiveReload rewrite

TL;DR: the attached screenshot is all that LiveReload 2.5.x is capable of displaying at the moment.

LOCs in v2.5.x (rewrite) — CoffeeScript/Node.js backend: 1998 code + 941 tests; native C/Objective-C: 474 main Mac app + 1383 NodeApp framework.

LOCs in v2.3.x (stable) — 10167 Mac, 856 Windows, 1609 cross-platform.


First. The Node.js side is able to perform compilation now. Many things are yet to be handled, though: compiler output parsing (and error notification), compiler options, import graphs, guessing of output file names and paths. Also things I want to add in the Node.js version: proper job queuing and proper matching of duplicate file names.

Second. The existing project settings are successfully loaded into the Node.js model. However, there is no code to update or save the settings, so it's impossible to change them.

Third. I've just started rewriting the UI, and the only thing that works is the empty main window (shown on the screenshot). Those two buttons at the bottom (add/remove project) successfully report clicks to the Node side and print a very informative message (“Clicked Add Project button”) to the console.

Four. Most of the Node-side code is covered by tests (61% coverage, including a few newer untested files). I'm sick and tired of working without tests, and I'm happy I could finally change that.
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