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Little Homemade Housewife
homemade creations for your viewing pleasure
homemade creations for your viewing pleasure

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#mindblockmondays  are back #ontheblogtoday  . Come see some great prompts and get your writing started for the week on your blog! Let me see your awesome!

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Need a coffee date? You know I do. For serious. Please, come join and offer your ear and advice!

#coffeedate   #happyfriday   #ontheblogtoday

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Mindblock Monday Prompts!
Find yourself totally stuck on what to post for your Monday? [or any day of the week really] Check out my five prompts every monday to help you get a start.

#mindblockmondays   #ontheblog   #writingprompt  

Also check out the post for a #flashsale   #blogger  opportunity!

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See this awesome #linkparty  and #giveaway  opportunity over at tatertotsandjello! Gonna be awesome! #targetgiftcard  up for grabs.

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#ontheblogtoday  are three things I'm loving this week! Featuring some great printables from +Mique Provost and the most fly little shop I've found.

#shoutouts   #happyfriday  

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My first french macaroon adventure! Check out my experience #ontheblogtoday  as well as score an excellent #recipe  and tips and tricks for your own tackling!

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Come see the new little caps available for your littlie! Also see a review of a DIY lightbox come to fruition!

#DIY   #kidsfashion   #mompreneurs  
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