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Little Fluffy Clouds Animation Design Motion Graphics Advertising
Little Fluffy Clouds Animation Design Motion Graphics Advertising
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Great Inventors -  Frederick Banting
Often, in this age of celebrity worship, recognition of some of life's true heroes goes unnoticed. This Saul Bass inspired motion graphic short is part of a larger health initiative campaign focusing on some of those great inventors in science and medicine.

Dramatic, vibrant and striking, yet deceptively simple, the piece uses bold graphics emphasized by a vivid color palette and direct messaging to create a good, strong effective piece to succinctly tell the compelling story of surgeon, Frederick Banting and his determination to find a treatment for diabetes.

In 1920, working on a hunch, Banting made one of the greatest discoveries to benefit mankind ever - the correlation between diabetes and insulin.

Banting struggled to get his theory recognized and funded so that he could make, refine and demonstrate it's effectiveness. He refused to take no for an answer lobbying for a laboratory and some simple supplies.

Working day and night with associate, Charles Best and research student, James Collip, he finally persevered in distilling a treatment for a disease that is incurable to this very day. Insulin is still the only treatment for diabetes, making the difference between life and death for millions of people worldwide.

In 1923 he was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine, sharing his prize winnings with Best. In a great humanitarian gesture, Banting sold the rights for the patent to the University of Toronto for just one dollar, ensuring that insulin could forever more be available to anyone in need.

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Lexus -  The Car and the Road

Follow the trials and tribulations of a sensible, straight road as he seeks to reinvent himself for the car he loves. Watch in awe as The Road bears his soul, along with his inner passionate self, to woo the fun loving and flirtatious Lexus - “that can do things other cars only dream about...” Sigh...a romance in automation for the modern era.

This charming work, directed by Jerry van de Beek and Betsy de Fries of Little Fluffy Clouds, was created for the Lexus Car Corporation. Described by the Association Internationale du Film d'Animation (ASIFA) as:

"A lovely animated fable..." ~ Association Internationale du Film d'Animation

The Car and The Road pays homage and takes its inspiration from Chuck Jones' Oscar winning film, The Dot and The Line.

Original composition for the almost 4 minute film was scored by Trivers-Meyers Music, whose arrangement fits hand in glove with the visuals.

The Car and The Road is a colorful and imaginative feast for the eyes and is fun to boot! Animated using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop with Autodesk Maya and hand drawn frames.

Seen on all broadcast media - that's Cinema, TV and Web.

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UTA -  Unbranded

Everything in Texas is big. Some say there ain’t nothing so big as the 17-story high, giant TV screen that dominates the field at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. That’s where this amazing spot, and it’s accompanying stadium ribbon and specialized versions for oversized TV monitors, plays to thousands of spectators at every game and in all parts of the stadium.

Unbranded, is a Telly award-winning spot. It’s jam packed with characters and situations that bring to life all the great programs that University of Texas - Arlington has to offer.

The project was created in Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects. Music is by Big Science. Now get on down to the Dallas Cowboys and learn a thing or two!

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Mainstay -  Up ... Down ... Up

Riding the rough waves of a turbulent financial sea is the theme of this multi award-winning spot. Spinning a David and Goliath tale our investor’s tiny sailboat escapes the dragons of a fluctuating market and financial ruin to live another day.

Fast paced, cinematic and an overall visual treat that illustrates the timeless message of the Up...Down...Up, of the financial marketplace. This elegant, black and white, woodcut style combines traditional cel animation with unique techniques in 3D.

Little Fluffy Clouds creative director, Jerry van de Beek, not only created, modeled, textured and animated the piece but also wrote a specific coded digital program, DIANA, to ensure perfect registration between the analogue, hand drawn, cel animation and the 3D, digitally made animation - which comprises the majority of this spot. Animated in Softimage using LFC' propriatory software, DIANA.

Bravo, say we, and judging by the many awards it received, everyone agreed!

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IBM -  Leveraging

Illustrated by means of characters, situations, color palettes and movement. Fish swim serenely on a pacific blue field, a Tiger watches from a muted desert-like canvas, and a wise Owl contemplates the world from a richly toned mighty oak. All are worlds in which speed of communication and an overall sense of timing are the essential tools of success. The rich visual and aural coda reveals for us an insight into how IBM approaches the challenge.
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