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Little Angels Preschool
An Environment Fostering Joy and Learning
An Environment Fostering Joy and Learning


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Understanding a Child’s Temperament

Temperament refers to a person's innate and unique personality that affects how he or she acts in a particular way. Just as how they are born with specific physical characteristics that are different from others, they also came to exist in this world with unique patterns of behavior, that marks their individuality.

Understanding a child's temperament enables parents to apply parenting techniques that are compatible and effective to their child's personality and needs. Researchers have recognized three types of temperament:

1. Easy

In this type of personality, children are generally calm and easy-going. They are able to adapt to changes in the environment without resorting to aggression.

2. Shy

Shy children are usually less participative and resistant to change. They need more transition time before they become comfortable with new people and situations through familiarity. During activities, allow them to adjust at their own pace in order to develop social skills.

3. Spirited

A spirited child is often referred to as the challenging type of personality. They usually show hyperactive and intense reaction to things, and easily get upset with unwanted stimulations. Get your children to play outside and move around to burn the energy while ensuring their safety.

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Best Toys for Toddlers

Play for toddlers can be entertaining and educational. Indulging in fun, creative, and age-appropriate activities help stimulate their imagination.

Here are some examples of toys that will catch your toddler's interest:
- Playhouse
- Cooking set
- Musical instrument toys
- Telephone toy
- Colorful storytelling books.

#DevelopmentalPlay #Toddler #Toys

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Best Time for Potty Training

The best time for potty training varies from one child to another. Learning the signs of child's readiness to give up those diapers can be tricky. Some signs to know that your child is ready include:

- Able to recognize stool and urine
- They tell you when they need to urinate
- Establish a regular and predictable time for bowel movement
- Demonstrates cooperation when learning to use the toilet

#Potty #Training #Child

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Building Confidence at Three

The confidence of a child comes from a perceived ability to accomplish tasks successfully, that are realistic and attainable. Raising a child to become a self-assured and confident individual is more than just showering them with constant praises; rather, it requires the right mixture of encouragement, positive feedbacks, and little failures.

Nurturing a child's self-esteem at a younger age enables them to overcome little obstacles, develop a sense of resilience, and being happy with their achievements. This helps them create a stronger foundation when dealing with more overwhelming situations in the future.

For parents, situations can be tough when you try to mediate between protecting your child from harm and allowing them to figure things out for themselves. Here are three tips to help build confidence in your child:

1. Give praises as necessary
Providing positive feedback for a job well done increases the child's sense of self-worth. However, if a child fails to perform the task successfully, appreciate the effort and teach them the importance of resilience and determination.

2. Allow them to make decisions
Having too much control over your children inhibits them from exploring and trying new things. Allow them to take chances and make choices by providing them with healthy options.

3. Nurture their interests
Exposing your children to different things and activities allows them to discover their own interests. And when they do, respect and encourage them to pursue their passion.

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Little Angels Preschool

Raising a child is a challenging and satisfying job. Exposing them to the right kind of stimulation is essential in the development of their motor, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. At Little Angels Preschool, we value each child's well-being and promote ways to become better individuals. To know more about our program, you may contact us at 909-591-1167. #Preschool #Learning #LittleAngelsPreschool

Fact: Potty training may start as early as 18 months old up to 3 years old. #Potty #Training #Fact

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How Technology Affects a Child's Development

Human development is a complex subject that evolves throughout a person's lifetime. It starts during a child's formative years, which highly contribute to one's cognitive, social, motor, and emotional development and status later in their lives.

Living in the digital age, children have an abundant access to technology. It is believed that exposure to gadgets and internet create an impact on the younger generation's thinking and social ability. It is undeniable that new innovations improve our way of lives by creating a more efficient means of communication, transportation, entertainment, and access to information. However, it has also been a prime subject of many debates and research studies, on how technological exposure benefits and harms a developing child.

Based on research surveys, a significant number of parents are satisfied with modern technology's benefits to their children. They were able to recognize several advantages, such as advancement in learning, improvement in language skills, and enhancement in computer use. However, other parents also share their apprehensions towards a child's prolonged use of gadgets and internet. Some of their concerns include too much screen exposure, easy access to inappropriate internet content, less outdoor activities, and isolation.

Parents play a big role in managing and monitoring their child's use of technology. They can be most effective by serving as examples and models to their children. A healthy way of using technology can be best achieved by creating a balance and limitation, where its perks can be most appreciated.

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How to Get Your Kids Eat Healthily?

Encouraging children to pick healthier food choices at a young age helps develop a habit that can provide long-term benefits. These few simple strategies can get your kids to start eating healthy:

- Make healthy foods available
- Be a role model
- Make mealtimes a fun and positive activity
- Encourage and praise your kids for making healthy food choices #Healthy #Toddler #FoodChoices

We believe in the potential of every child to become an instrumental member of the society – the hope of our future. #Preschool #Child #Potentials

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Building a Child’s Learning Foundation

In the children’s learning process, it is important that they are engaged and slowly developing their skills. Logical thinking and reason can be improved. It is important that children have the inner will to study and learn more. Build their spirit to grow into the people they want to be. For more information, you can go to our website at #Learning #ChildCare #Preschoolers
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