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Shams or no shams?

Ephraim brought this up in another thread and thought it should be its own thread. I think shams are like doilies, you either love them or hate them. So, are you a sham B&B or not?

I know Yelp gets a lot of justified slamming in the B&B community. I don't actually go to my Yelp page often because I don't recommend my guests leave us reviews there (because they get filtered). So...I don't know if this is all that new but...

I never realized Yelp actually places other lodging reviews right on my page. I assume they only do this to lodging establishments who don't advertise with them but this is beyond low. To the point I am thinking perhaps we should find a way to simply delete our Yelp listing.

I mean seriously...someone searches on my B&B or searches for a B&B in my town, goes to the effort and clicking on my listing and the first thing they are greeted with is 5* reviews for other lodging in the area.

IMO this is beyond unethical and disgraceful!

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Started using late last year on a trial basis. I don't give them a ton of inventory so I don't get a ton of bookings from them. Out of eleven reservations, six of them have either cancelled or no-showed (I avoid no-shows now by calling every reservation to confirm).

So Booking has a cancelation rate above 50% while my normal cancelation rate is in the small single digits. Is this normal? Are others experiencing the same responses?

Are we "Authentic" B&Bs.  I realize this could be old news but: I was browsing the internet today and came across the Lancaster PA B&B Association website.  They refer to themselves as "authentic" B&Bs.  So I searched some more and found the Pikes Peak region B&Bs doing the same thing...and a group of New England B&Bs too.  They are calling themselves "authentic".  Is this a trend, is this how "professional" B&Bs are going to distinguish themselves from using the term "authentic"?  Is this a trend...should we follow?

Is there a way to do a search on the posts here (I wanted to read postings about the bogus referral sites that keep hammering my Google Analytics).  I have three hits on my site right now...all are bogus from  I have tried "excluding" and "filtering" these domains but have had no luck.  Is there a thread on this already?  If not, anyone want to discuss this topic?

Website it time to stop support for IE 6-8 on our websites?  I am sitting here staring at my Google PageSpeed Insights results and that giant red exclamation point telling me to eliminate render blocking java script if I want to boost my mobile friendliness score (which is just a 76 at the moment...not bad but could be much better).

So what is this darn pesky java script?  Respond.js which appears to have one allow my shiny responsive website to render properly for those users still using Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8.

I would hope most XP users have upgraded to Firefox or Chrome but apparently 2.9% of my users over the last 12 1/2 months have still accessed my site with IE7 & IE8.

That number has dropped to 2.2% over just the last 6 1/2 months (it was around 3.5% for the year 2014) so it seems to be dropping fast now.

So what do we do now...continue to support this near obsolete browser until it reaches <1% usage and get dinged by Google or do we drop support and embrace the 98%?

Is there another solution I don't know about?

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